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After a 10-year wait, cognac house Louis XIII unveiled its third edition of its Rare Cask collection, the Rare Cask 42.1 at a gala dinner last Thursday in Venice. The Rémy Martin company says this is the third cask to enter the echelons of its limited edition Rare Cask series, which is regarded as the epitome of its cognac collection.

A Rare Cask is a single barrel, which is selected by the cellar master among hundreds of century-old tiercons that houses blends of eaux-de-vies (clear fruit brandy) crafted by previous generations of cellar masters in the house’s 139-year history. 

The by-invite Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.1 launch event was attended by more than 120 people spanning 22 nationalities, comprising honchos, entrepreneurs and media personalities, who are also cognac connoisseurs. 

A total of 775 black crystal decanters will be made available globally. About 20 of them will be allocated to buyers from Singapore, which is one of the biggest markets in Asia in terms of direct-to-consumers sales over the past decade. The Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.1, which has an alcoholic strength of 42.1%, has a recommended retail price of $71,888. 

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