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The man who was a treasure to baseball, who hit a home run every time he would broadcast a Dodger baseball game, has died.

One of the things Vincent Edward Scully liked to quote was this: “The humility to prepare, and the confidence to pull it off,” which was easy for him to pull off.

When Vin spoke about the Dodgers, they were charmed words. Vin became one of the most beloved, captivating rhythmic voices on radio.

Vin had a magical voice and for more than 60 years he enthralled the fans with his smoothness of knowing how to broadcast a baseball game, and he had this innate ability to paint a verbal picture that was worth a thousand pictures.

Vin played things right down the middle, just as a batter hits a ball down the middle for a base run.

Vin earned many awards, the most rewarding of which was the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and who was more deserving than Vin to receive this reward.

To a dear friend like Vin, you will be sorely missed. There will never be a baseball game so eloquently broadcasted like you could.

Lois Eisenberg

Santa Clarita

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