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After a year or so of spotty Instagram dispatches, Uzi has been posting anew over the last few weeks, mostly beaming in from an undisclosed Balenciaga store with missives of chaotic-good photos of him trying on the brand’s clothes. (Meanwhile, not on the internet, he performed at the 2022 Summer Smash Festival in Chicago—yes, while wearing Balenciaga—where he also happened to debut an entire chest and back full of new ink.) On Monday, Uzi shared a quick clip of himself, clad in the luxury label’s neon World Food Programme hoodie and viral destroyed sneakers, taking to the mic to unleash a few bars.

The nine-second ditty goes as follows:

“Got these big B’s on me, that’s Balenciaga / Yeah, my shirt, my hoodie, my pants is Balenciaga / I heard Damien Hirst’s son just dropped some brand new Prada.” (Hey, has Uzi been reading GQ?)

No word yet on whether Uzi and Balenciaga are official partners in brand stewardship, though this very sort of weirdo viral marketing is very much up both of their respective alleys. And while the promise of new full-length music from Lil Uzi Vert is never a guarantee, we must also remember that Uzi has, at times, described getting dressed as his truest art form. “Honestly, in my heart, I think I do this better than music,” he told us in 2019—while, naturally, putting an outfit together. “’Cause the music shit is effortless. I actually take my time with this.”