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You know what they say. Sex sells. And LELO, luxury sex-tech brand, is selling sex with fashion label Diesel in the form of a world’s-first, collaborative two-piece release.

Now, now. It’s not a pair of vibrator-lined jeans, if that’s where your mind is drifting towards. (Guilty as charged.) Rather, it’s LELO’s best-selling SONA™ Cruise and TOR™ 2, both dressed up for Diesel in a bright, firetruck-red colourway.

A crash course on Diesel if you weren’t old enough to be saving up paycheques for expensive ripped jeans in the 90’s: Diesel — then club-kid staple; the biggest name in designer denim in the same era; the brand that defined “shockvertising”, with ad-campaigns that pushed the very boundaries we’re still nudging against today, see: politics, religion, sexuality, race — was a cultural zeitgeist. Provocation was as much a part of the brand’s DNA as their indigo blues, with imagery (always irreverent, with cool kids clad in Diesel denim alongside, say, a young man pointing a gun directly to camera; a jeans-on black man diving into an apartheid pool with onlookers aghast) that probably wouldn’t fly today. But that was Diesel: rebellious, irreverent and very with it.

TL;DR: Bright Red Sex Toys by LELO x Diesel

For LELO, Diesel is not a strange bedfellow. Diesel is, instead, a perfectly suited bedfellow.

“We at LELO are pioneers and we are always happy to collaborate with like-minded brands, that is brands that inspire and empower people to express their style. For this reason, the collaboration with Diesel came naturally as we found a partner that matches our philosophy,” said Luka Matutinović, CMO of LELO. “Our partnership with Diesel is crucial as it showcases a union between fashion and sex-tech and highlights how sexual wellness is seamlessly incorporated in our daily life. Just like a pair of jeans.”

You heard the man. Just like a pair of jeans. Except these will be much more fun to shop for.

LELO says: “SONA™ Cruise… [gives] you an orgasm so potent you’ll feel like the world has gone from black and white to a full spectrum of bright hues.”

So, an orgasm with a side of brand new colours? Sign a girl up.


Insert, then insert. Self-explanatory, really.


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