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King Charles III has ascended to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. And while the UK continues its 10 days of mourning with tributes, commemorations and celebrations of her life across the country, our new King takes his first steps as monarch. 

Throughout his time as the Prince of Wales, Charles always provided us with exemplary English excellence when it comes to fashion. Exceptionally tailored suits from Anderson & Sheppard, sleek shirts from Turnbull & Asser, traditional kilts in Balmoral tartan, and the perfect rural-chic outerwear from Barbour, his dedication to the fine art of British craftsmanship is exactly what solidifies him as a stalwart of sartorial elegance. 

While these classic silhouettes imbue a timeless charm, the King has often fought for the future of fashion. A passionate patron and founder of The Campaign For Wool, Charles worked tirelessly to promote the use of wool as a highly sustainable fibre in the worlds of fashion and homewares. From collaborations with heritage labels like Johnston of Elgin, to large-scale knitted art installations at Dumfries House, to providing training to young artisans looking to get into the fabric business, King Charles has always endeavoured for a stylish, and sustainable, Britain. 

As we look onwards towards his reign, Tatler revisits King Charles III’s greatest style hits; a vestiary of smart and sophisticated ensembles.