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Our mixologist Lov Carpenter whips up Business Casual.—a flavorful cocktail with simple ingredients.

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “go big or go home,” and for the past several years it’s definitely applied to the cocktail world. Complicated flavors, unique garnishes, and Instagrammable presentations keep almost every bartender and mixologist out there rushing to create the Next Big Thing. But sometimes things get lost in the mad dash to be bigger and bolder, and there’s something comforting and familiar about a clean, simple cocktail. Enter Business Casual—a basic cocktail with a lot of flavor.  

To make a cocktail, technically only three ingredients are required: spirit, sugar, and acid. These three things create an easy foundation to build upon, giving you countless opportunities to mix and match. In Business Casual, we used vodka as the spirit, thyme syrup for the sugar component, and lime juice for acidity. And while that could be a tasty drink on its own, we added peach purée for a touch of fruit and to give it a creamy mouthfeel (another important part of your cocktail!). This cocktail is shaken, served up, and garnished with a lime wedge to add an extra burst of acidity if desired. Try it at home with the recipe below: 

Business Casual

1.25 oz vodka 

0.5 oz peach purée 

0.5 oz thyme syrup 

0.25 oz lime juice

This is such a versatile flavor combination; feel free to match different purées with some of your favorite flavored syrups. Watermelon purée and basil syrup, or coconut purée with a jalapeño syrup—the possibilities are endless.

So just remember, while complex and creative is always interesting, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Cheers!