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Birthstone jewellery makes a beautiful birthday gift. We have curated this July birthstone gift guide to help you to find the perfect present for your loved one. The birthstone for July is the stunning ruby. This gemstone has a bold red colour which makes it the perfect centrepiece of any piece of jewellery. This shade is often associated with love and passion, making this gemstone a lovely gift for a partner. Rubies symbolise power and youthful energy and have been given many meanings by different cultures throughout the years. Many people associated the gemstone with health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. All of these positive attributes make rubies the perfect gift for someone with a July birthday. Keep reading for our July birthstone gift guide.

Our July Birthstone Gift Guide

July Birthstone Gift Guide

Elements Gold 9k White Gold Diamond Ruby Pendant Only GP734R

This beautiful pendant features an oval-cut ruby at its centre. This creates a bold focal point for the pendant, drawing the eye to the necklace around the neck. The ruby is perfectly faceted to ensure it catches the light from every angle. This also emphasises the vibrant red hue of the gemstone. Two round cut diamonds are set above the ruby. These elegant white gemstones add a glamorous touch of sparkle to the pendant. This pendant is crafted from 9-carat white gold to give a clean and modern finish. It can be added to any chain of the wearer’s choosing to create a unique look.

James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold Ruby Stud Earrings ED241R

Stud earrings are an integral piece in any jewellery collection. These ruby earrings will quickly become a most-worn piece in the jewellery collection of the recipient. A good stud earring can be worn with any outfit for any occasion. These stud earrings are made from 9-carat yellow gold, giving them a warm and classic look. A single round-cut ruby is set at the centre of each earring to create a bold look in the ear. These stud earrings will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time, making them a perfect everyday accessory.

July Birthstone Gift Guide

James Moore TH 9k White Gold Round Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring RD414WR

This stunning ring is crafted from 9-carat white gold. White gold is favoured for its clean and modern aesthetic. The pure silver colour of the metal truly allows the vibrant red ruby to take centre stage. This ring could be used as an engagement ring, making for the perfect birthday proposal. Many people enjoy wearing their birthstone in their engagement ring as they feel connected to the gemstone. The ruby in this ring is surrounded by a ring of diamonds that add beautiful sparkle and accentuate the bold colour of the ruby. The diamonds are continued onto the band of the ring to create a truly luxurious piece.

James Moore TH 9k White Gold Ruby Diamond Pear Drop Earrings ED246WR

These dangling stud earrings will move delicately with every turn of the head. The earrings are a very luxurious gift as they are made from 9-carat white gold. This metal will allow them to be paired with a huge variety of other metal tones and will mean they can be worn every day without fear of tarnishing. A small diamond is set into the stud portion of the earring. This adds a glint of sparkle to the accessory. A white gold bar hangs from this stud, and a ruby is attached to this bar. Each component is individually suspended to ensure they move beautifully. A pear-cut ruby is set at the bottom of each earring.

July Birthstone Gift Guide

Nomination Composable Classic STONE OF MONTH In Stainless Steel And 9k Rose Gold July RUBY 430508/07

Nomination charms are a great choice for a birthday present for any loved one. The charms can be joined together using the brand’s spring mechanism. A totally unique design can be created when several charms are put together. Nomination bracelets are a beautiful way to commemorate important occasions, achievements and life events. This charm is made from stainless steel and features a bonded rose gold plated across its centre. The plate is engraved with the word ‘July’ and is set with a round ruby gemstone.

James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring RD472R

This striking ring will stand out on the hand, no matter what other rings it is worn with. The ring is made from 9-carat yellow gold, providing it with a warm hue and classic design. This will mean that the ring will be a favourite piece of jewellery for decades to come. The ring is set with both diamonds and rubies in an alternating pattern to create a flawless combination of bold colour and beautiful sparkle. The rubies are cut in a marquise shape for an unusual design. The round-cut diamonds are set into diamond-shaped settings to accentuate their size and sparkle. This ring will look stunning whether it is worn along or as part of a ring stack.

What do you think of our July birthstone gift guide? Did you find the perfect gif for your loved one? Let us know in the comments!

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