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Visionaries of art and science have contemplated an experimental city on the red planet for more than a century. Johnnie Walker, which is no stranger to collaborations of fantastical proportions (read: Game of Thrones), is also getting on the space programme with renowned digital artist Luke Halls.

Luke Halls

The Mars 2220 bottle features Halls’ interpretation of what the planet will look like if it is inhabited by humans, 200 years from now. Geodesic domes have populated the bustling city, each one teeming with green life after centuries of terraforming. The Earth and Moon in the skies above is a reminder not only of how far humanity has come, but that when we walk forward together, we can achieve anything.

What is inside the Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle is just as marvellous. Sitting at the pinnacle of the brand’s iconic Colours collection, the Blue Label is an exquisite blend of Scotland’s rarest and most remarkable whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks from the brand’s massive bank of ageing Scotch, including some from ghost distilleries, make it into the bottle to create that bold, intriguing complexity and velvety smooth mouthfeel.

It may not be immediately apparent, but this partnership between Halls and Johnnie Walker is about possibilities and progress. Says Hall, “Part of the beauty of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is that the whiskies used to craft this exceptional Scotch have been laid down many years ago, so whisky makers have to look into the future and create a picture of the flavour that people will be enjoying in several decades time – this is an extraordinary skill. I hope my glimpse of the future pays tribute to this expertise,”

Mars 2220 is one of 10 limited-edition designs the artist has created for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Titled Blue Label Cities of the Future 2220, the collection explores themes of geoengineering, AI empowerment and physics-defying technologies in vibrant future cities of London, Hainan, Taipei, Mexico City, Seoul, Sydney, Bangkok, Berlin, Singapore and, of course, Mars. Scan the NFC on the front of each bottle with your smartphone to visit the depicted city. We can’t think of a better gift for someone who is thrilled to explore new worlds, now and in the future.

Mars 2220 of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cities of the Future 2220 collection is available exclusively at Le Rouge.

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