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I am an everyday reader of The Signal. I read every opinion article and was inspired to write an opinion of my own after reading, “A Tale of Three Cults,” by Arthur Saginian, July 31. I look forward to his opinion pieces because I relate to his views more than any of the other usual Signal contributors. I read views of contributors from the “left” and sometimes agree. I read views of contributors from the “right” and sometimes agree. I read faith-based views and can favorably relate to many of the moral messages.

After reading Arthur’s piece, I was immediately reminded of lyrics from a song by Rush, “Tom Sawyer,” where the non-arrogant, non-conforming thinker is described: “His mind is not for rent to any god or government…”

When one blindly follows and solely subscribes to the “left” or to the “right” or to faith-based ideology, it’s as if one is wearing blinders and has closed his or her mind to competing points of view. One becomes lazy in their thinking because they allow pundits from one of the three “cults” to guide their own beliefs. One must take the initiative to research all the propaganda and make their own decisions based on their own beliefs and rational thinking. Free yourself from submitting to the talking heads of the three “cults.”

Reason-based, fact-based thinking would bring us all closer together. We would find that we all want similar things. We are all probably much more alike than we would sometimes like to admit. 

John Hanks

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