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Brand: JJJJound xReebok

Model: NNPC II

Release Date: July 21, August 5

Price: $165

Buy: JJJJound’s website, Reebok’s web stores globally

Editor’s Notes: Remember those sample Reebok kicksthat JJJJound posted in June? Well, they’re all grown up now and ready to drop.

Linking up with Reebok for the fourth time, JJJJound takes on the brand’s NPC II model, issuing yet another bor— I mean, “understated” take on a classic Reebok 1985 tennis shoe.

Ironically, JJJJound’s NPC shoes don’t stand for “non-playable character.” Though its average white sneakers fit the description of the dissociative, thoughtless NPC Wojak from the once-trending meme.

However, this go-around’s a little different but the same (I’ll explain).

According to JJJJound, the latest sneaker comes with “multiple minimal variations” that result in many “indistinguishable iterations.”

Simply put, the congregation of JJJJound’s Reebok NPC II sneakers above may all look like the same old white sneakers but they’re actually all unique. Really.

And those lucky enough to get past JJJJound’s bot-proof add-to-cart questions won’t know which version they copped until delivery day.

Though, it’s hard to tell the difference even when you have two variations side-by-side at eye level. Even then, I’d probably still be unable to answer the million-dollar question: “Can you spot the difference?”

Nonetheless, the differences are there! If you bring your attention to JJJJound’s thoughtful diagram, you’ll notice that its Reebok kicks aren’t just plain white.

No, there are levels to JJJJound’s white. There’s one rendition with an arctic white leather upper and polar white terry interior. On the other hand, there’s a pair with an optic white upper with a marshmallow sole.

One repeating feature you can count on with all the JJJJound x Reebok NPC II sneakers? JJJJound’s gilded logo replaces Rebook’s branding on the shoe’s upper.

Obviously, it takes a particular skill to spot the distinction between JJJJound’s Reebok NPC II kicks.

Nevertheless, I doubt JJJJound fans will care, if at all, whether optic white or arctic white NPC II’s show up on their doorsteps so long as their fave’s hyped branding is stamped on the box.

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