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In the past few days I have heard some amazing stuff from Giants fans.  

I was talking with a former business colleague who resides in San Francisco. I told him I just attended a baby shower for my grandson who is expected in October. I mentioned I was looking forward to teaching him how to throw and catch a baseball. My colleague’s response was, “Yes, there is nothing more satisfying in life than to see your grandchild become a Giants fan.” The next day, I attended a Dodger game with a high school friend who is also a Giants fan. He told me he is rooting for the Dodgers and even hopes they win 100 games. He pointed out the Dodgers have won 100 games in a season eight times, but none of those teams won the World Series.  

Well, I guess talking baseball with Giants fans still beats discussing politics with someone who does not share your views. After all, baseball is the American pastime. 

Jim de Bree

Santa Clarita