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Jennifer Aniston might be known for her signature sun-kissed glow, but even she isn’t immune to a spray tan mishap. The actress shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes peek into what happened when she forgot to adequately moisturize prior to a faux tanning session in a recent Instagram post. And it’s almost as funny Ross’ unforgettable spray tan fail from season 10 of Friends.

Jennifer Aniston’s Spray tan mistake and how to avoid it

Sharing some photos and videos from her time filming the third season of The Morning Show, Aniston posted a clip of herself in a robe with her foot in a sink while a pal scrubs off the orange remnants of her faux tan.

“Note to self, hands and feet you must lotion before a spray tan, otherwise…a situation,” she told her followers, showing off her orange-tinted hands. “This is what love is,” joked Aniston, referring to the kind person washing her feet.

Thankfully, avoiding a fake tan mishap is actually pretty easy, whether you hit the spray booth or use a lotion-based tanner, two pros tell Shape. Aniston’s first mistake, as she noted, was not moisturising before her spray tan session, says tanning expert Jordan Cook. “Moisture is key to a flawless tan — before and after,” she shares.

As for how to properly prep for a faux tan? “Prior to your tan, moisturise all over and then give yourself about two hours for your skin to soak it all in,” says Cook. “Moisturising right beforehand might dilute the tanning product, so this will prevent that from happening if you wait a little bit.”

You’ll want to pay special attention to the “hands, feet, knees, elbows, and any other super dry areas you don’t want the tan to cling to,” adds celebrity makeup artist and tanning expert Tarryn Feldman.

There are other methods to help ensure a smooth, splotch-free tan, says Feldman. “The best way to prep skin before a tan is to shave and exfoliate — it’s the key to an even tan,” she explains. Feldman noted that it “flattens and evens the skin surface for the perfect application and results.”

Fake tan aficionados should be extra consistent with their daily moisturising, which will also help lock in the tan and keep it looking fresher for longer, adds Cook. “Every day, apply your favourite oil-free moisturiser all over the body to keep your tan gleaming,” she advises. “Oil-free is a must since oil breaks down tanning ingredients. You can’t over-moisturise, so don’t be scared to keep giving your skin a drink.”

These tips apply no matter your skin type, tone, or texture, as well as your preferred tanning method, according to both Cook and Feldman. If you’re an at-home tanning lotion fan, which “can be used as your everyday body lotion,” she says. This gradual tanner provides a natural-looking glow, and if it’s “infused with aloe vera and vitamin E, so it will leave the skin feeling super soft while building a beautiful daily tan,” adds Feldman.

As for Aniston, here’s hoping she was able to get her spray tan “situation” sorted out in time for the cameras to roll.

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