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Arson music video

Jack In The Box, the solo album of BTS member J-Hope, was released on 15 July along with the music video of the song “Arson.”

The 10-track album marks the first official solo outing by any of the seven members of the acclaimed K-pop group.

Here’s all we know about J-Hope’s solo album Jack In The Box and ‘Arson’

What the music video of ‘Arson’ shows

J-Hope Jack In The Box
Image credit: Screenshot/HYBE LABELS/YouTube

The music video shows J-Hope in a dystopian setting, with cars burning on either side of a path under what looks like a bridge.

The 28-year-old raps while walking with a stagger between the burning vehicles. Unknown characters can be seen running around with their bodies on fire.

The scene shifts to the K-pop idol being surrounded by already burned vehicles in the same place. This follows with a scene where burns appear on his own face, and he falls to the ground. The word ‘ARSON’ is formed around him in rings of fire.

About the album

“Arson” is the closing song of Jack In The Box but is the second one to get a music video after “More.” The lyrics of the former, which contain words such as “Let’s burn. It’s done,” is about how insatiable passion burns everything.

“More” is the third song from the album, whose music video was released on 1 July. In the song, J-Hope is seen wearing a jester-inspired hat (in some scenes) and shoes while rapping in an office-like setting, a room and even a hospital bed.

Like “Arson”, it is also about human frailties and blind ambition driving a person into going overboard with their passion. Both songs, therefore, are edgier interpretations of life and the price of fame.

Stars from Korean entertainment at pre-release gala

J-Hope hosted a pre-release party for his solo album on 14 July, which was attended by a galaxy of stars from across the K-pop industry.

Celebrities such as model Irene Kim, singer-actor Uhm Jung Hwa and BIGBANG’s Taeyang were in attendance. Other attendees included Loco, meenoi, Coogie, Jessi, HyunA, Dawn, Tiger JK, pH-1 and GroovyRoom.

BTS members V, RM, Jimin, Jin and Jungkook were also present to support J-Hope ahead of his solo album release.

(Main and Featured images: Screenshot/HYBE LABELS/YouTube)

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