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Let’s face it, it’s been a tough season for all of us here in Bangkok and beyond – be it the storms, the flooding, the traffic congestion, and the sudden drop in temperature? Nothing’s ever really predictable here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

But while situations outside of us are hard to control, there are two things that are for sure to be true: one, is that when this season is finally over, it’s time to celebrate; and two: what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season by doing the things we can control, like buy beautifully crafted furnitures to add to your homes and enhance the environment you live in, for example?

We hate to sound like a broken record, but ICONCRAFT has definitely got you covered. Long hailed as a haven of rare items and gems from locally-selected Thai designer brands, ICONCRAFT, located on the 4th floor of ICONSIAM, has always embraced all things Thai-made, artisanal, creative, contemporary, and most importantly, unique. 

What’s even more special this time around is the fact that the platform is currently holding a special promotion for home decor lovers just for this occasion. Running from today until the end of October, be sure you’ll get at least a 10% discount for one item purchased, 20% discount for 2 items purchased, a THB 100 Gift Card for purchases up to THB 2,000, as well as a THB 600 Gift Card for purchases up to THB 8,000.

While the promotions are plenty, we also know that the brands and items are even plentier. Don’t worry – below, you’ll see a list of home decor must-have items we’ve put together so that you can make your dream living space a reality.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: ICONCRAFT via Facebook]

Turn your house into a cafe with SUNFUR

Imagine if you could turn your everyday living environment into a cafe – how relaxing would that be? Let us introduce you to SUNFUR, a local craft furniture brand that can bring the simplicity and warmth of beauty to any living space. Inspired by the simplistic nature of the cafes we universally love, SUNFUR’s designs are minimal and easy on the eyes. Plus, the brand uses real wood and rattan to create all their items, too. 

Be at one with nature with WOODLAND LIVING

Who doesn’t dream of having nature right under your feet – or rather – elbow? Woodland Living’s Blue Resin Table, particularly, is the one you should definitely get. The blue will make you feel like there is a clear body of river flowing through the table top, and will elevate and enhance any atmosphere you’re in, making you feel relaxed and calm.

Go all futuristic Thai with SCULPTURE

There are many quirky, futuristic designs from renowned local chair brand SCULPTURE (that’s why it managed to make it into the Hollywood blockbuster film franchise The Hunger Games), the weaved out pink chair in this picture, in particular, is especially eye-catching for its lively and modern take. With its concept of it being “the chair of the future”, this collection is actually manufacturally processed the old way – inspired by Thai local wisdom and craftsmanship. 

Travel back in time with the symbolism of SABAI-D DESIGN STUDIO

If you want heritage, some history and good luck at your doorstep, then Sabai-D Design Studio is for you. This mythical, red horse head bench stands out as having both ancient Thai and East Asia roots. “Horse” is a sacred animal worshipped throughout the region, with its graceful demeanour, agility and unique beauty. It is often used as a symbol of success, fame, freedom, and speed, and represented in objects or images to enhance feng shui and good luck.

Embrace your inner zen with MUSEFUL SPOT SUMPHAT GALLERY

Whether you’re looking to embrace your inner zen or trying to turn your home into a gallery, the skillful and crafty creativity of SUMPHAT GALLERY can transform any living spaces into one that’s at once unique and philosophical. With the brand being inspired by the philosophy of “Wabi Sabi,” a world view in traditional Japanese aesthetics centered around simplicity, humility, and the acceptance of transience and imperfection, you’ll surely see, and feel, all their decors reflecting said philosophy.