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If you thought the biggest beauty trend these days was ‘glazed donut’ skin à la Hailey Bieber, you need to see the latest manicure trend inspired by the model. Meet ‘glazed donut’ nails: a shimmery, yet neutral nail look started by Bieber that TikTokers and other celebrities alike are trying. Most recently, Vanessa Hudgens showed off the style in a photo posted by nail artist Zola Ganzorigt.

Vanessa Hudgens tried out the Hailey Bieber nail trend

Ganzorigt kicked off the nail trend with Bieber’s manicure at the 2022 Met Gala, and videos of the gorgeous, pearlescent nail look — also sometimes dubbed Hailey Bieber nails — now have a collective 29 million views on TikTok alone. Hudgens is merely the latest celebrity to get the icing-inspired mani, and she paired the milky nails with a pearl necklace to match. The Instagram photo is a masterclass in coordinated accessorising, and it’s sure to have you running to the salon for a similar manicure.


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Even though these shiny, shimmery nails look like they’d require tons of products and patience, getting them yourself is relatively easy. Take it from Ganzorigt herself, who gave a step-by-step breakdown on social media for fans who want to DIY ‘glazed donut’ nails at home.

FYI: Scoring a salon-quality gel mani at home is easy, provided you snag a UV nail lamp designed for home use. This mani works with just about any nail shape, but both Hudgens and Bieber (and plenty of TikTok users) seem to be loving an elegant, rounded oval shape. Ganzorigt used four products to give Bieber and Hudgens their pearly nails, according to her explainer video, and you can get the exact products she used for your DIY version. (ICYDK: Sydney Sweeney applies sunscreen on her hands pre-gel mani and you might want to, too.)

First, apply one coat of Base Coat to your nails and “cure” (aka dry) them for 30 seconds under the UV lamp. Then, apply one coat of GelColor (a pretty, soft white shade) and cure your nails for 60 seconds under the lamp. Follow that with one coat of shiny Top Coat before curing your nails again for 60 seconds, explains Ganzorigt in the social media clip.


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Next, gently wipe your dry nails with isopropyl alcohol to remove any residual oils from the nail surface. Here’s where the “magic” happens: Use a small brush (Ganzorigt seems to use a disposable eyeshadow brush for this step) to wipe a light, even layer of Chrome Effects Powder in Tin Man Can on each nail, dusting off excess with a brush when you’re done. Add a final layer of topcoat before curing your nails under the UV lamp for a minute, and you’re done.

If you don’t want to invest in a UV lamp of your own to use at home, you can always show a photo of Hudgens’ and Bieber’s nails to your nail artist next time you’re at the salon. Either way, you’ll be ready to hit the red carpet in no time.

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