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Ear stacks are one of the biggest jewellery trends right now. They have been in style for months and are showing no signs of going anywhere. We have put together this guide on how to create an ear stack to help you to curate your own unique look. An ear stack is created by wearing multiple earrings in various piercings. It is most easily created when the wearer already has multiple ear piercings, but the same look can be achieved using clip-on earrings or ear cuffs. This trend allows the wearer to curate their own personal look that entirely reflects their unique style and taste. An ear stack can be adjusted to be colourful and playful or minimalistic and elegant, depending on the occasion or outfit. If you are searching for how to create an ear stack, keep reading for some advice and recommendations.

Tips on How to Create an Ear Stack

1. Combine varying textures, colours and shapes.

The best way to create an eye-catching ear stack is to introduce variety into your look. The current trend for mixing metals works well within the ear stack trend. Earrings in varying shades of gold and silver can be worn together to create a modern and bold mixed metal look. Some experts also recommend combining different shapes of earrings. This can extend beyond a combination of studs and hoops and include square or hexagonal earrings. A mixture of textures will also create an interesting look. Gemstones can be combined with smooth hoops and bubble textures for a chic finish.

2. Small pops of colour work well.

Although a sleek monochrome look is always a staple in any jewellery collection, small amounts of colour are a great choice to add some extra glamour. Colour will add a focal point to any ear stack. To maintain a classic look, it is often recommended that one colour is selected and worked into the look. This will create a chic and cohesive finish. The colour could be introduced using different tones of metal, or for some sparkle, coloured gemstones could be used. If you are aiming for a truly bold look, complementing colours can be combined for an eye-catching stack.

3. Choose a hero piece to style the stack around.

Creating an ear stack can seem quite intimidating at first. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when collecting several pieces of jewellery at once. For this reason, it is often advised to select one hero piece. This tends to be the pair of earrings that are worn in the first love piercing. This can be the main statement piece that is the core focal point of the whole look. The rest of the stack can then be curated around this piece. For example, if a chunky gold pair of hoops catches your eye then perhaps the rest of the stack will be gold. If a crystal set star-shaped earring is the first piece then maybe a celestial theme could work well.

Ear Stack Recommendations

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Stainless Steel Stud Earrings 2700259

These simple stud earrings will slot seamlessly into any position in an ear stack. The earrings are crafted from stainless steel. This gives them a perfectly polished and long-lasting finish, meaning that they can be worn every day. This will make them an integral piece in any ear stack. A round-cut crystal is set at the centre of each earring, adding a beautiful sparkle to the pair. This adds a touch of glamour to this simple accessory.

Michael Kors Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Set Hoop Earrings MKC1177AN710

A bold pair of crystal set gold hoops will make the perfect statement piece in any ear stack. These Michael Kors earrings will look stunning whether they are worn as part of a minimalistic daytime stack or dressed up for a formal occasion. The earrings are made from gold-plated sterling silver. The beautiful warm hue of the gold plating gives them a luxurious feel. Each earring is set with a multitude of sparkling crystals, ensuring they will catch the light beautifully with every turn of the head. These earrings are secured using a push back and post, ensuring ease of wear.

Skagen ELIN TWO TONE BAR Threader Stainless Steel Earrings SKJ1079998

The two-tone colour palette of this pair of earrings creates the perfect base to curate a mixed metal earring stack. The earrings are made from stainless steel. They exhibit a threader style with a fine cylindrical pendant at the end. The chain of each earring is silver in colour whilst the pendant is rose gold. These earrings create a very modern look in the ear, and could even be threaded through multiple piercings to accentuate the look. The pendant of each earring is set with a single crystal that will reflect light as the earring moves.

Fossil Women’s Crystal-Set Gold-Tone Flower Stud Earrings JF04020710

These adorable flower-shaped stud earrings will add a playful twist to any ear stack. The Fossil earrings are full of the fun and fashionable aesthetic that the brand prides itself on. The studs are made from gold-tone stainless steel, making them durable with a stylish finish. Gold jewellery has been a big trend this year with many people favouring it for its vintage style and classic tone. The earrings are designed in the shape of a five-petal flower. A single crystal is set at the centre of each earring to add a touch of classic glamour to the playful design.

Olivia Burton Rainbow Cubic Zirconia Huggie Stud Earrings OBJRBE13

Creating an earring stack without multiple piercings can be challenging. The easiest way to overcome this is by using earrings that create the illusion of multiple piercings. These Olivia Burton huggie hoops are created using three hoops that all connect to one push back and post fastening. Each of the three hoops is set with a series of crystals in a rainbow design. The colourful crystals are all in pastel hues for a soft, feminine look. These earrings are rhodium plated, giving them a perfectly polished finish.

Swarovski Dextera Hoop Earrings Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Plated 5634991

The unusual shape of these hoop earrings makes them a brilliant statement piece to include as part of an ear stack. The hoops exhibit a soft hexagonal shape, giving them a more interesting structure than a classic circle. These earrings are rose gold-tone plated, giving them a distinctly modern and feminine look. Both the outer and inner surfaces of the earrings are set with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Swarovski is internationally famed for the iconic sparkle of its crystals, ensuring that these stunning earrings will catch the light from every angle.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Crystal Set Heart-Shaped Single Hoop Earring CR693-051-14

Single hoop earrings make a great addition to the upper parts of the ear. They can be used in helix piercings to add another dimension to an ear stack. Alternatively, single earrings can be used in lobe piercings to create a modern asymmetrical look. This earring is crafted from sterling silver to provide a high-quality, polished finish. The earring is in the shape of a heart, making it a great choice for someone who is experimenting with differently shaped earrings in their stack. The outer edge of the earring is set with sparkling crystals to ensure it is eye-catching when worn on the ear.

What are your thoughts on this guide on how to create an ear stack? Did you find any new additions for your jewellery collection? Let us know in the comments!

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