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private jet charter in Singapore

Booking a private jet charter in Singapore is comparatively easy as compared to many other countries due to the availability of numerous options and companies providing such services. And, one of the primary reasons behind this is the quality of life people have in the city-state. 

Singapore is a sovereign island country and city-state in South East Asia. It has been ranked as the top city with respect to the quality of life in Asia by Mercer, a global human resource consultancy. Also, most of Singapore’s population includes wealthy people. In fact, according to a 2021 report by Business Times, Singapore has over 28 billionaires, with 76 per cent of Singapore respondents claiming a rise in the overall wealth of over 10 percent in 2021.

Hence, people in Singapore can often travel via private aircraft in and around the city-state, especially those who like VIP airliners or love to travel with comfort and luxury. However, if you are wondering about the cost and the booking process of an air charter service and how a private charter is different from a commercial one, read on to know more.

What are private jet charters?

private jet charter in Singapore
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Private jet charters are part of the newest trend in first-class travel. Though you may need to splurge a little more than usual business class tickets, the privileges are unmatched. For instance, chartering a private jet allows you to rent the entire aircraft. It also lets you customise your itinerary, flying hours and in-flight amenities. You can easily go on leisure or business trips and travel with your own group of friends or family, without being disturbed and enjoy your own food menu without having to choose from the set one like in commercial aircraft

How to book a private jet charter in Singapore?

private jet charter in Singapore
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Singapore offers quite a business-friendly environment and it’s pretty common for local entrepreneurs and international business tycoons to opt for private flights in or via Singapore. Except for certain rules, the process is almost the same as booking a flight with a commercial airline. 

You can begin by contacting travel agencies providing air charter services in your area. Once you’ve selected your preferred service provider, visit their website and enter the required details. This includes your pick-up and drop location, the number of passengers, the type of jet you want to opt for and other package amenities the company offers. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can get in touch with them directly, visit the location mentioned and fly wherever you wish to.

What is the cost of private jet charters in Singapore?

private jet charter in Singapore
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The cost of renting a private air charter can vary greatly and is primarily determined by time, itineraries and the type of jet you opt for. For instance, a one-way private jet charter from Los Angeles to Singapore can cost around USD 220,000. But, the same type of jet may cost somewhere around USD 95,000 and USD 165,000 from Sydney or Geneva respectively. However, due to inflation, the actual cost can change significantly. But a lot of these firms have a real-time calculator determining the current pricing which displays the accurate cost of booking private planes at a specific time. 

Private jet charter service providers in Singapore

Singapore has many private jet companies offering affordable packages like Seletar Jet Charter Pte Ltd and OJets Pte Ltd. You can also book a business jet flight from your country to Singapore through WingsOverAsia Pte Ltd or Pacific Flight Services. You can even save money on private flights by booking in advance or in the off-season. 

What are the types of private jet charters available? 

private jet charter in Singapore
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Private jets (including business jets) are broadly divided into eight aircraft categories. Each aircraft category has a different package as well as varying amenities and cabin sizes. Here is a basic overview of the different types of private jets.

Very Light Jets

These jets are the smallest and considerably less expensive than other private jet models. They are cost-effective and require minimum maintenance. Most models need shorter runways and can have a three-hour flight time for travelling. With a seating capacity of 7 passengers, they are the ideal aircraft for a small group of people with minimum luggage.

Small Light Jets

Offering better services and passenger facilities, these jets are the upgraded version of the previous type and offer a comfortable experience for up to 8 passengers. They provide a higher flight distance than very light jets and can complete intercontinental journeys around a three-hour flight time.

Super Light Jets

With a seating capacity for around 8 passengers and more luggage compartments, these jets provide a spacious cabin space with better amenities. The plane can also be customised to accommodate up to 11 passengers in a single flight and can operate on short and narrow runways because of its make.

Midsize Cabin Jets

These are the ideal private jets for frequent travellers who like travelling to far-off places. With a midsize cabin space, these jets offer higher headroom and more luggage facilities for a better comfort level. These also offer top-notch facilities like free WiFi and a full-service galley with some aircraft types providing a separate bathroom area. 

Super Midsize Cabin Jets

The super midsize ones have some advantages over the midsize jets, including more cabin space and improved flying performance. It offers a comfortable flying experience with a maximum flight time of seven hours and an average range of 3500 nautical miles (6482 kilometres). These jets use enhanced avionics for a quieter experience and higher speeds than most others, and are suitable for international travel with 8 to 10 passengers.

Heavy Jets

With more cabin space and comfortable seats for up to 10 passengers, heavy jets are perfect for long flights to and from Singapore. Being on the expensive private jet list, these are specifically designed for elite travellers who prioritise luxury. These jets have plush amenities like sleeping sections, private spaces, phones for calling, onboard WiFi and attached bathrooms. 

Ultra Long-range Heavy Jets

Known for their generous cabin space and designated sections for entertainment, dining and relaxation, these jets are renowned for offering the best flying experience with utmost comfort. These are the ideal aircraft for long-range travels as they have enclosed bathrooms, beds and extra luggage space for keeping your essentials safe. It can accommodate around 14 to 17 passengers and is the optimum choice for luxury travel. 

Bizliners (Executive Liners)

These are the most expensive private jets with the highest level of comfort. Created by turning traditional airliners into private jets, bizliners offer ultimate customisation with state-of-the-art interior designs and amenities that can cost a fortune. These aircraft are equipped with en-suite showers, conference rooms, overhead storage bins, cocktail bars, private suites and personal cooks. They are designed for extremely long flights between states and countries and are capable of flying across continents within a lesser time.

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