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K-pop has recently become a global phenomenon, and it’s no surprise that YG Entertainment, one of the leading entertainment companies in South Korea, has produced some of the most successful K-pop groups in the industry.

Among YG’s notable groups are Blackpink, Big Bang, and 2NE1, all of which have made waves in the music scene with their unique styles and catchy tunes.

In this article, we will focus on the latest updates regarding YG’s newest girl group, BabyMonster. This sister group of Blackpink is yet to make their debut but even then, they have already gained a considerable following with their stunning visuals and charismatic aura. Let’s take a closer look at what’s been happening with upcoming female act lately.

BabyMonster, also known as BaeMon is an upcoming girl group from YG Entertainment that is set to debut this year. Though the group currently consists of seven members so far, the K-pop powerhouse has stated that the lineup is not yet final.

The members, Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Haram, Rora and Chiquita, were introduced in February, and each member has a unique talent and personality that will help them stand out in the ever so competitive K-pop industry.

The group will be selected based on a “final test” which will be shown on a reality show called “BABYMONSTER ― ‘Last Evaluation,’” which premiered on YouTube on 10 March. The show has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and has already racked up to about 18 million views on the platform.

Meet the potential members of BabyMonster


Ruka is one of the members of the upcoming K-pop girl group BabyMonster. She’s a Pisces, born on 20 March 2002.  As a Japanese member of the group, she brings a unique perspective and skillset to the table. According to KProfiles, Ruka has been passionate about dancing since she was six-years-old, and she currently holds the dance and rap position in the group.

Prior to joining BaeMon, Ruka was a member of the Japanese girl group, Shibu3 Project. Her experience in the industry has undoubtedly helped her hone her skills as a performer and prepared her for the rigorous training required of K-pop idols.

In 2018, Ruka joined YG Entertainment, one of the leading entertainment companies in South Korea, and has been working hard to prepare for her debut ever since. Her journey to becoming a member of BabyMonster has been a long one, but her hard work and dedication have paid off as she is now part of one of the most highly anticipated girl groups in the K-pop industry.

With her passion for dance and rap, as well as her charming personality, Ruka is sure to captivate fans when the group finally makes their debut. Fans of the upcoming girl group can look forward to seeing more of Ruka and her fellow members in the future, as they are poised to make a big impact in the world of K-pop.


Pharita Chaikong, who goes by Pharita, is a talented Thai member of the highly anticipated K-pop girl group, BabyMonster. As a vocalist and a dancer, Pharita brings a wealth of skills to the group. Her journey to joining BaeMon began when she auditioned for YG Entertainment in July of 2020. Since then, she has been training for two and a half years, honing her talents and preparing for her debut.

Prior to joining the new female act from one of the big three in South Korea, Pharita was a former model who won the grand prize at Inter Model Thailand. This achievement highlights her versatility and range as a performer, as she excels not only in singing and dancing but also in modeling.

In addition to her impressive talents, Pharita is also a huge fan of anime. Her love for this genre reflects her youthful spirit and vibrant personality, which is sure to captivate fans when BaeMon debuts. With her unique blend of skills, charisma, and passion, Pharita is poised to make a powerful impact in the K-pop industry.


Enami Asa is a Japanese rapper and dancer, who fans consider the group’s ace. Her passion for music started at a young age, as she has been dreaming of becoming a singer since she was seven.

Asa’s journey to becoming a member of BabyMonster began in 2018 when she joined YG Entertainment—since then, she has been training hard to showcase her talents and skills. She is also known for her excellent Korean language skills, which she picked up during her time as a trainee. In fact, she is so proficient that she can joke about being a “native speaker” of the language.

In addition to her impressive language skills, Asa’s speciality is hip-hop dance, which has helped her stand out as a performer. Her hobbies include dancing, cooking, and jumping rope. Fans have also noted her resemblance to a bunny when she was younger, which has endeared her to many.


Born on 11 April 2007, in Toegye-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea, Ahyeon is a Korean vocalist, rapper, dancer, and visual member of the group. She has been training at YG Entertainment since 2018 and has been described by the CEO as “a warrior that has many weapons.” Her passion for dance started at a young age, and her father was always supportive of her dream to become a dancer, recording many videos of her while cheering her on.

Ahyeon shows her determination to succeed in the global music industry, as she has been learning English since she was five and Chinese since she was seven. She has passed auditions for JYP Entertainment and Banana Culture, and her versatility as a performer is evident in her ability to sing, rap, dance, and serve as the group’s visual.

In addition to her impressive skills, Ahyeon also excels in scholastic activities at the school she’s currently attending, Hanlim Arts High School. Her passion, hard work, and dedication are sure to take her and BabyMonster to new heights of success in the K-pop industry.


Haram was born on 17 October 2007, in Seoul, South Korea. She was the first member the agency announced to be part of the female act back in January. She has been training with YG Entertainment for four years, where she has developed her skills in sports and dancing. Before joining BaeMon, Haram was a a former child actor and model for commercials, which gave her a taste of the entertainment industry at a young age.

She is currently attending Hanlim Arts High School, along with fellow group member Ahyeon—she is in Class 1-7 under the Department of Applied Music. Haram is said to be the only person in her department to have won a scholarship. In addition to that, she trained up to ten hours a day just to improve her ability to perform, which highlights her impressive skills and dedication to her craft.

Haram’s talents and hard work have already made her stand out among the group’s members, and fans can’t wait to see her shine on stage.


Rora is one of the youngest members in BabyMonster but prior to joining the group, she was a member of a kid girl group under Kids Planet named U.SSO Girl, where she went by the name U.ha.

Rora can play the piano very well and although she was not originally known for her dancing skills, she has been training diligently since joining YG Entertainment back in 2018, and has improved greatly as a dancer. Her hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, as her dance instructor has praised her as one of the trainees who has improved the most over the past two years.

While legally she’s named Lee Dain, she goes by Rora on stage which comes from the word ‘aurora’. According to YG Entertainment’s founder, Yang Hyun-Suk, he chose the name because he felt that Rora has the potential to become an artist that shines bright like an aurora once the beauty in her is developed.


Chiquita, also known as Riracha Phondechaphiphat, is a rising star in the K-pop industry as a member of the upcoming girl group, BabyMonster. Hailing from Thailand, Chiquita is a talented vocalist, dancer, and the maknae (youngest) of the group.

Born on 17 February 2009, in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, Chiquita comes from a family with a background in the entertainment industry. Her brother Copper Dechawat is a member of The Star Idol and 789 TRAINEE, and it seems that Chiquita is following in his footsteps.

Despite having the shortest training time among the members, having joined YG Entertainment in March of 2021, Chiquita has shown immense potential as a performer. She has a natural talent for singing and dancing, and her skills have only improved since she joined YG Entertainment. Fans of BabyMonster have already taken notice of her endearing personality and unique energy on stage, making her a standout member of the group.

As the maknae of BaeMon, Chiquita has a lot to prove, but she seems more than up to the task. Fans are excited to see what she brings to the table and how she will grow as a performer alongside her fellow members.