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This morning, Hamilton unveils a limited edition pocket watch. This launch has come as a big surprise to fans of the brand. It has also been perfectly timed to celebrate Hamilton’s 130th anniversary. This new model combines American mass production techniques and advanced micro-engineering to create a timeless accessory. By looking into its past, Hamilton has conjured its unique sense of innovation and creativity to design this stunning and collectable timepiece. The pocket watch is limited to just 917 pieces internationally, making it one of the brand’s most collectable accessories yet.

Hamilton and the American Railway

The American railroad system was a huge part of the development of industry and transport in the United States. The railway aided in the transport of countless people, goods and materials. This enabled businesses to run successfully. The importance of the system meant that it had to be timed to an incredibly high level of precision. This is where Hamilton came in. The brand and its watches had a reputation for accuracy and legibility. This made it the perfect candidate to provide precise timekeeping for the American railroad system. The new watch embodies this fascinating history and celebrates the brand’s heritage. The timepiece brings the spirit of early horological ingenuity into the modern day.

The New Hamilton Limited Edition Pocket Watch H40819110

This watch is a very special limited edition with just 917 pieces available worldwide. This number of models has been carefully selected to recall the firm’s address at 917 Columbia Road in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The Dial and Movement

The dial of this watch is perhaps its most eye-catching feature. Its clean and clear white enamel-like finish is reminiscent of vintage railroad timepieces. This minimalistic backdrop provides the perfect palette for the red 5-minute demarcations. This detail is accompanied by oversized Arabic numerals. Additionally, a small seconds sub-dial is featured at 6 o’clock on the dial to ensure precise timekeeping. A pair of black hour and minute hands are set at the centre of the dial, providing a pleasant contrast to the crisp white finish. The dial and its features are protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal to provide this timepiece with a good level of durability.

The watch is powered by a classic hand-wound movement. The movement is of the calibre ETA 6497 and provides the watch with up to 50 hours of power reserve. Hand-wound movements are relatively rare in modern watchmaking. This makes this timepiece stand out from the crowd and provides it with a unique vintage feel.

The Case and Finishing Touches

The case of this model is crafted from robust stainless steel. It measures 50mm in diameter to ensure that it creates a pleasant and comfortable fit in the hand. The closed case back is intricately engraved to emphasise the limited edition nature of the watch. It features an engraving of a train alongside the words “130th Anniversary Railroad Special”. This model can be secured to the wearer’s clothing using a stylish removable stainless steel chain. The watch also comes with a stylish and classic leather travel pouch. This model is water resistant up to 5 bar.

Hamilton’s new limited edition pocket watch is a stunning and traditional timepiece that celebrates the brand’s long and varied history. It combines old and new design elements and materials to create a perfect balance that makes it a perfect addition for any modern watch collector.

What are your thoughts on the new Hamilton limited edition pocket watch? Would you consider adding this piece of Hamilton history to your watch collection? Let us know in the comments!