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When it comes to illuminating your beloved home, there’s nothing like a floor lamp to do its magic. Such luminaires can serve as accent lighting or as a decorative piece even when the lights are not turned on. Here’s our pick of the latest floor lights to get your space illuminated efficiently and jack up the style quotient of your home.

Flos LC light

Flos LC floor light by Michael Anasstiasiades. Image: Flos USA.

Flos — Superloon
The Superloon floor light designed by British designer Jasper Morrison for Flos uses a new technology where a ring of LED lights appears to be a flat white disc.

Flos Superloon

Flos Superloon by Jasper Morrison. Image: Flos.

The round light can be rotated 360 degrees on a gyroscopic axis, and the three-legged stand is available in chrome, black, or white. The light is broad and diffused but can be adjusted in intensity and temperature, from warm to very warm, with an optical sensor on one of the legs.

Parachilna — Gweilo Han
Looks like you’ve seen a ghost?

Parachlina Gweilo Han

Gweilo Han floor light designed by Partisans Architecture for Parachlina. Image: Parachlina.

The “Gweilo Han” LED floor light designed by Partisans Architecture for Spanish lighting brand Parachilna is made from hand-molded acrylic, you can see the light and appreciate the diaphanous form. “Gweilo” means ghost in Cantonese, rather apt for its name!

Fontana Arte — Alicanto
Alicanto takes its name from Chilean mythology. It’s about a nocturnal bird rumoured to live in the Atacama Desert and feed exclusively on gold and silver.

Fontana Arte Alicanto

Fontana Arte Alicanto

Designed by the Italian artistic director of Fontana Arte, Francesco Librizzi, this arched lamp is poised like a bird, tilted with a forward imbalance to carry the light and to cast it as far as possible. The light flaunts technicality and its tiny metal feet give it the appearance of a bird with legs slightly apart. Alicanto comes in black/gold and white/gold colours while the diffuser is made from hand-blown etched glass.

Pallucco — Tangent
The Tangent lamp designed by Jenkins & Uhnger for Pallucco is based on geometric principles. The ring design of the free-standing pedestal invites you to discover the sculptural quality.


Pallucco Tangent floor light. Image: Pallucco

The lamp’s linear LED has an integrated dimmer contained in the light tube. Tilting the ring pivots the light tube. Through the lamp’s combination of tension, friction and balance, the user can create many lighting scenarios and effects through this adjustable function.

Kartell — Geen-a Lamp
Geen-a lamp is designed for reading. Part of Kartell’s latest range of LED lamps to deploy LED bulbs, this simple and minimal lamp consists of just a base, light shade, three LED bulbs, a stem and a handle for easy portability.

Kartell Geen-a floor light

Kartell Geen-a floor light. Image: Kartell.

Offered in three matte-finish hues: brick, black and white, its designer Ferruccio Laviani designed it through inspiration from him observing his mother Giacomina (who was fondly called Geen-a) who took to reading intently. He often spotted her cradling a book, flipping the paper and just admiring how those pages took her on fantastical journeys!

Panzeri — Hilow
The Hilow line is a thin vertically slender line of light designed by Milanese designer Matteo Thun for Panzeri. The wall version has indirect emission but the floor version has an elegant cylindrical marble base.

Panzeri Hilow floor light

Panzeri Hilow floor light

The new Hilow floor version can be combined seamlessly with the other Hilow variants and the possibilities for styling and lighting up your home environments now give you more creativity.

Martinelli Luce — Elastica
Innocenzo Rifino and Diego Rossi from Studio Habits’ latest creation for Italian lighting brand Martinelli Luce is the Elastica LED strip lighting.

Martinelli Luce Elastica floor or ceiling light

Martinelli Luce Elastica floor or ceiling light. Image: Martinelli Luce

Made from a band of elastic fabric, it holds the dimmable LED strip lighting. The cylindrical base is made of metal and a ceiling bracket holds the band in place. Pressing the band with your hand can control the lighting intensity like a dimmer. Elastica comes in a variety of colours such as red, yellow, grey, black and blue.

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