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Frank Ocean doesn’t work at anyone’s pace, as anyone who’s ever kept tabs on the reclusive musician could tell you. No new music in ages and jewelry drops at a snail’s pace: welcome to Channel Orange.

Speaking of Channel Orange, Ocean did drop some new merch for that album’s 10th anniversary on July 10 but that was about it. Until July 14, that is, when his Drake-approved luxury brand, Homer, introduced its latest drop and it’s kind of a doozy.

First, it should be mentioned that this collection, “When A Dog Comes To Stay,” is the second Homer collection and was promoted as “coming soon” back in December (snail’s pace, etc).

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“When A Dog Comes To Stay” is available on Homer’s website as we speak and it comprises Ocean’s most affordable accessories to date, plus the really pricey bits you come to expect from Homer.

Realized in a color palette that Ocean calls Clover, the “When A Dog Comes To Stay” collection includes pendants, bracelets, rings, scarves, and rubber keychains, the latter being a mere $40 — folks seeking affordable Homer, look no further.

The rest of it ain’t cheap. Consider the $2,370 pendants studded with Homer’s lab-grown diamonds and the collection’s, ahem, crown jewel: a $657,420 H-Bone necklace.

“A sheepdog, an Akita and a bull terrier are rendered in pixels as if to simplify the qualities that make them our family,” Ocean said in a statement. “To the dog, it seems, loyalty is without thinking.” Really makes you think.

The “When A Dog Comes To Stay” campaign imagery was shot by Ocean himself and features both a DIY character definitely not from Minecraft and producer Wheezy. Up to you which one is more appealing.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all this, however, is hidden away at the bottom of Ocean’s photos.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s some small text encouraging readers to send their EPK to

What’s an EPK you say? Why, it’s an electronic press kit, the sort of thing that’s typically used for promoting one’s own music or a new release from a client (if you’re press, you tend to get a lot of them).

This is big news for diehard fans. Frank himself wants to hear your music! Or at least his jewelry brand wants to. That’s still something. Makes up for the dearth of new Frank music, right?