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Sometimes, when broken down into individual components, the true ​​gobbledygook nature of things can be revealed. Imagine, if you will, the happenings of a party that took place in New York City this past Sunday: Wells Fargo credit card, A$AP Rocky, Loewe boots, Floyd Mayweather, a huge neon sign reading “Earn points on rent,” Cara Delevingne standing next to Mayor Eric Adams while drinking her own brand of Prosecco from the bottle. Can you picture it? OK if not!

But let’s back up a sec, because perhaps the thing that made the most sense here was A$AP’s characteristically kooky outfit. So far this year, March in New York City has meant week-to-week temperatures spanning the high 30s to the mid 60s, making it unusually challenging to get dressed based on the weather on any given day. And on Sunday, when the thermostat hovered around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, fashion darling-slash-native New Yorker Rocky embraced the throes with a transitional dressing fit for the ages.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 28: A$AP Rocky performs during Bilt Rewards X Wells Fargo Launch Event Party on March 28, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)Johnny Nunez

Get ready for another list: a varsity jacket from the recent three-way collab between Stüssy, Our Legacy, and Denim Tears, worn over an Études hoodie printed with photographs by the artist Martine Syms (which Rocky similarly paired with Ugg slippers and another certain varsity jacket a couple months ago), with plaid knee-length shorts, retro striped tube socks, and a pair of fall 2022 shearling Loewe boots that look like the result of a cross-pollination between the Yeezy NSTLDs and the interior lining of an Ugg. Many look forward to spring as the return of long-sleeves-with-shorts season, but the boots-with-shorts combo is also nothing to sniff at.

Plus, it looks like Flacko wore the same yet-to-be-released Loewe shoes while performing at Lollapalooza Brasil over the weekend. It’s been in the 70s in São Paulo lately, which essentially qualifies them as an all-weather shoe.