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We’ve got all the info you need if you (or someone you’re checking out) bears the Aries zodiac sign.

Ruling Planet: Mars
Energy Polarity: Yang/Masculine
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Anatomy: Head, Skull, and Brain
Metal: Iron
Gemstone: Ruby and Red Jasper
Colour: Bright and bold shades of red.

Aries is always FIRST!

Aries is known as ‘The Infant of the Zodiac’, primarily because it’s the sign that represents the rebirth of the soul as it symbolically ‘dies’ in the previous sign Pisces. Though it may not be the soul’s first incarnation of Aries, however, to be born in this sign is a guarantee that the karmic scale has been pretty much wiped clean and now it’s time to start afresh again.

Aries zodiac sign is the spark that ignites the fire, the first rays of the sun as it begins to rise in the east, the first sprout of grass that begins to grow once the winter snow has finally melted and its springtime. Perhaps this is why almost all Ariens are naturally competitive and those born under this sign have a driving urge to forever be ‘first’ in everything.

Ruled by Mars – the planet of wars, competition, passion, testosterone, and all things phallic – Aries is perpetually fired up to take on the world. Once they set their mind to something, nothing can stop them – be it rain, hail, snow, raging fevers, or even common sense – from achieving their goal. That’s also because on some level, Aries (even the women) always see themselves as the proverbial ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ that’s ever willing to fulfill their quest, slay the dragon, and rescue the princess.

Perhaps this is why underneath all the bravado and machismo, Aries zodiac sign is truly a die-hard romantic. However, this is a Mars ruled sign, hence the numerous subtleties of romance escape their notice. They are infants after all.

Though some of the sharpest and most intellectual  minds in the world belong to Aries, at the end of the day, they possess a genuine innocence because of their soul infancy. This causes them to sometimes speak and act without considering the consequences of their words and actions. They’re too impatient to weigh the pros and cons and life is far too short to dilly-dally about the things that could go wrong. They’re oblivious to the possibilities of accidents, pain, and cruelty of human nature – and thus, like most infants – when things don’t go their way, their only resort is to howl.

Yes, the Aries temper is legendary, but it’s never held in too long. Bearing grudges gives Aries a migraine, and hence they’re usually the first to forgive and make peace. Although, remember, it was never their fault.

The sun will forever shine the brightest on Aries, and that will forever give them the sheer confidence to march along their life with their heads held high with smile that projects sheer cockiness but hides a certain innocence that no matter how much pain the soul goes through will always believe in the magic that life has to offer.

Love in its most fiery form

Aries zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy robertdowneyjr/Instagram

One could say that Aries zodiac sign is a selfish lover. However, can you really call an infant selfish? Self-involved? Well, maybe because an infant knows nothing else about the world apart from its own existence. Notice how babies are so delighted with their fingers and toes and get so worried whenever you pretend to steal their noses. When an infant screams, it always knows its mother is there to feed it, burp it, and change its diaper.

This is why, in many ways, Aries as an adult takes the love given to it for granted. However, it must be remembered, that for Aries – love is synonymous with existence itself. Love for them is a necessity of life and like the Knight in Shining Armour, they fancy themselves as, Aries will fight for love till their last beating breath. The trouble is – loving them is a herculean task on its own.

They need constant reassurance that they’re the best and they’re the center of your universe. They may feign the whole, “I’m a one-man army – I can do it best myself”, act well; and to some extent, they might prove that statement true. However, like Superman, even Aries has a major kryptonite – the absence of love. The minute an Aries realises that they aren’t loved and that their lover has no faith or belief in them and their abilities – it destroys them.

However, be prepared for an assault on all your senses when you decide to love an Aries. Adrenaline is their biggest aphrodisiac and they’re unstoppable. They’re too impatient to play ‘mind games’ (and sometimes even foreplay) and just want to rush into loving you without any hurdles – be it for a single night or even a lifetime.

Their sexual appetite is unparallel to most signs, and they’re beasts when in the sack. No one loves morning sex more than those born under this sign.

However, this comes with its downside. Aries, gets bored easily, and will expect you to step up your game. Boredom is a major source of frustration for them and when they’re bored, they get snappy and irritable, and won’t hesitate to tell you that in the bluntest manner possible.

Which is why, it’s so easy to dump an Aries. Just appeal to their ego and feed them the line – “you’re so much better than me, I truly don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you.” They’re heartbroken, but at least they’ll believe that they’re better than you. That would help heal the heartbreak fast.

If you get dumped, then the best way to get back at them is to act like it never affected you and carry on with life as if nothing happened. It’ll make an Aries scream with fury.

However, they don’t believe in exes being friends. They don’t have time for that level of drama.

Nevertheless, with time and patience, one can find a life full of zest and vigour if they choose to make it work with an Aries mate. Despite their Martian energy, they’re suckers for all the trappings of romance – wine and roses, candlelight dinners, handwritten poems of love – the works. Aries never shies away from showing you, and the world, how much they love you and will make it their top priority to make sure you’re well taken care of in the relationship.

Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility

  • Best Lovers: Leo & Sagittarius
  • Best Friends: Gemini & Aquarius
  • Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Libra
  • Red Flags: Cancer & Capricorn
  • Mysterious Wild-Cards: Virgo & Scorpio

Aries Zodiac Sign Careers:

Aries loves competition and needs constant mental stimulation. It’s never for the money – Aries spends freely and impulsively and doesn’t care much for the savings account – it’s about the sheer thrill of it all that Aries works. Their persistence is their best and worst quality because nothing can really stop them from reaching their goals.

However, Aries zodiac sign works as hard as they party – and believe me, they party hard. This is why Aries will make sure that even the work they do is fun for them – though it’s questionable whether others would find it as fun.

They can’t work if they don’t passionately believe in what they’re doing. This is why many often end up starting their own businesses, or rise quickly, up the corporate ladder so that they’re the boss calling the shots. However, the minute they’re bored and aren’t feeling the work they do is stimulating enough, Aries will quit and move to greener pastures.

Failure is not an option for them. This is the sign that has to be the best. Number two is just the first loser. Aries defines raw ambition.

However, don’t be surprised if you discover some of the top intellectual minds – scientists, psychologists – or even dentists, surgeons, and hairdressers to be Aries. The mental stimulation and the risk-factor in these professions can excite them so much so that they become pioneers in their fields.

Creatively, they will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and styles, and when it comes to the world of media – well, let’s just say Aries knows how to make things go ‘Viral’.

Here is a brief list of careers best suited for Aries zodiac sign:

Athletes, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs, Competitive Fighters, Craftsmen, Soldiers, Military Officers, Physical Therapists, Creative heads, Firemen, Police and Law Enforcement, Doctors, Surgeons, PR Agents, Bounty Hunters, CEOs, Stock Traders, Construction, Real Estate, Security Services, Martial Artists, Personal Trainers, Athletic Coaches, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Engineering, Architecture, Litigators (they do love a good fight), Venture Capitalists, and anything that’s stimulating and has an element of thrill (or even danger) and change is forever a constant.