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Whether you think it’s too soon or is disappointed with the luxury-fication of skate culture, Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack and Dior collaboration is indeed happening.

Many were unsure if the collaboration would ever drop following its postponement, that is, until Scott started flexing the collection’s pieces during recent public appearance, quietly confirming the linkup was back in effect.

With the lights back on in the music studio, UTOPIA billboards lining the Cali roads, and a steady relaunch of his business projects, Scott is ready to unveil his next move: the official release of the Cactus Jack x Dior collaboration, and here’s everything we know about the collaboration’s collection.

When is the Cactus Jack x Dior collection dropping?

The Cactus Jack x Dior collection is slated to drop on July 13. However, neither Dior menswear artistic director Kim Jones nor Travis Scott has posted about the collaboration despite the immense buzz surrounding its release — laying the familiar groundwork for a hyped shock drop.

It’s worth mentioning that Dior’s website has updated its Cactus Jack x Dior webpage to reflect that the capsule is “coming soon.”

Is it really dropping, though?

Dior personally confirmed the release date with WWD. Who are we to question the so-called “bible of fashion”?

Where can you cop the Cactus Jack x Dior collab?

Per a July 11 video, an unspecified Dior boutique is already stocked with the Cactus Jack x Dior capsule collection. Surprisingly, no customers were in sight, save the cameraman, suggesting this may have been a private preview in preparation for an in-store launch.

It’s also safe to assume that the Cactus Jack x Dior capsule collection will drop on Dior’s launch page for the partnership on July 13.

Though the page doesn’t detail the specifics of the collection’s arrival, it encourages interested parties to “sign up now to shop the pieces as soon as they launch.” Brace yourselves, it sounds like a surprise drop is pending.

What’s the price range for Cactus Jack x Dior pieces?

Prices of the Cactus Jack x Dior gear are currently unknown. But, here’s what I know: it won’t be cheap, considering Dior now stocks $1,100 Birkenstocks and sold $10,000 Air Jordan 1s (my wallet just shed a tear).

What’s even in the collection?

The Cactus Jack x Dior tees will undoubtedly be up grabs, as the co-branded tees featuring Scott’s freehand logo mashups have been heavy in the rapper’s street style rotation lately.

Sweater vests, turtlenecks, outerwear, blazers, backpacks, saddle bags, wallets, and eyewear comprise the partnership’s soon-come offering (and I merely grazed the surface, by the way).

Thibo Denis, Dior’s head footwear designer, also previewed a pair of Cactus Jack x Dior sandals, emblazoned with hand-drawn patchwork graphics, obviously courtesy of Scott. In addition to a buckle detail, the shoe also boasts an embroidered Dior-Jack stamp that poetically reads “A Beautiful World.”

As previewed during the Spring/Summer 2022 presentation, you can expect pieces to come dressed in the partnership’s “sun-bleached” color scheme, DIY abstract artwork, and a Cactus Jack version of the iconic Dior monogram.

Are the Cactus Jack x Dior B713 sneakers included?

How could I forget the skater bros’ public enemy #1? The Cactus Jack x Dior B713 sneakers will also see the light of day during the linkup’s release in a slew of neutral colorways, earning more unenthused head shakes from OG skaters and impressed fire emojis from Scott’s fanbase of ragers.

Why was Cactus Jack x Dior postponed in the first place?

Neither Travis Scott nor Dior gave specific reasons why the Cactus Jack x Dior collab was postponed indefinitely back in December 2021. However, like his other paused ventures, many suspected it was due to the November 2021 tragedy at Scott’s Astroworld festival, where a crowd surge left 10 concertgoers, including a 9-year-old, deceased, and many others injured.

After laying low for roughly two months, Scott began to slowly return to the public’s gaze, attempting to win back its good graces with the launch of his new philanthropic initiative, Project HEAL.

Soon after, shelved business deals like the Cacti seltzer and collaborative Nike sneakers resurfaced, with his Air Max 1 and Air Trainer 1 shoes releasing in the same week.

Now, the Cactus Jack x Dior collab is next up on Scott’s comeback list.

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