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moon dubai resort luxury hotel
Photo: Moon World Resorts

Dubai has long earned its nickname The City of Gold. After all, one does not get such a moniker without a correspondingly hefty reputation for going big. Very big.

For instance, the world’s tallest skyscraper and the 828m-tall Burj Khalifa. Not to forget, the world’s biggest mall — before Iran’s marketplace came into existence a decade later.

But there’s a newcomer in town, and it is astronomical in scale. Enter Moon, a lunar-themed luxury resort stretching 224m above the streets of downtown Dubai. Most of that real estate will go to a massive steel sphere with external decorations that resemble the moon.

The Dubai Moon is not just lunar in name though. Canada-based Moon World Resorts and its co-founders Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson are looking to simulate a form of authentic space tourism. But, without all the hassle of getting multiple doctorates and clocking 80,000 hours of flight training (or hopping onto your nearest rocket or space balloon).

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