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In what is probably surprising news to no one, DJ and producer Diplo has admitted to getting the odd blow-job from men during a rather candid interview with model Emily Rajtakowski.

Diplo (real name Thomas Wesley Pentz) appeared on EmRata’s HighLow podcast where he shared that at several points during his life he had – potentially, maybe for sure had  – received oral sex from other men.

“Im sure I’ve gotten a blow-job from a guy before,” he says.

How did this come up? Apparently the pair had been talking about Bill Clinton.

Deeper into the interview, the 44-year-old stated that while he wasn’t gay, he wasn’t not gay – if that makes sense to listeners. “I don’t want to define that I’m gay but I’m not, not gay. I’m not really aroused by men…” He went on to say that he was, perhaps, a little gay and more of a vibe over gender guy.

Rajtakowski’s podcast has become something of a safe space for celebrities to discuss areas of their life that in any other context might seem TMI. The admission of Diplo – who has only ever dated women publicly – might seem like one of those moments where we think maybe we need to know less about each other but the fact is this kind of experience is far more common then anyone might think. Or men care to admit.

A study taken in the US back in 2016 found that out of 9000 men interviewed 1.9 percent of men stated they were gay. Two percent said they were bisexual. But most interestingly 6.2 percent of men stated that they had experienced same-sex sexual encounters.

So while gay men made up less than two percent of the count, over six percent of men had knocked nuts with other men. Fascinating.

The stigma attached to same-sex experiences has meant that many men feel the need to hide, or feel shame, about these experiences rather than chalking it up as being just a regular, horny and curious human sharing consensual pleasure with a fellow adult.

It’s also interesting to note that these figures are only growing, with Gen Z showing much more openness and tolerance towards sexual experimentation.

Diplo isn’t the first straight man to allegedly dip (lol) his toe into the same sex pool. Marlon Brando famously told one journalist that he, “like a large number of men, I too have had homosexual experiences. And I am not ashamed.”