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Cherise Moore appears to be a very nice woman with very heartfelt personal beliefs. If she could only have kept her personal beliefs from influencing her position as a William S. Hart Union High School District board member, she would have probably made a fine representative for the majority of the Santa Clarita Valley’s students. 

However, many are of the opinion that Moore is completely incapable of this feat. 

Teresa Todd: Great replacement for incumbent Cherise Moore.

Teresa Todd sure would bring “a breath of fresh air” to the Hart school board. She would bring that fresh air with her to any school board. With districting as it is she can only run for the Hart Trustee Area 3 position. You can find out a lot about Teresa Todd by going to her site, Todd4Hart.com. 

Here is one statement from this site: “As a governing board member, my job will be to ensure EVERY student has access to the tools and resources they need to achieve academic success to prepare and ready them for the future opportunities they encounter in life.” 

I highly recommend that you read a letter written to The Signal that printed in the Oct. 5 edition. The letter is written by Jacob Evans. You can find it online at signalscv.com. 

Excerpt: “If you want the best for your children, if you want an advocate who will make a real impact for good, then consider Teresa Todd for the school board. She is a remarkable community leader, who truly leads by example. I encourage you to entrust your children to her care as I entrusted mine. If you do, I assure you that, like me, you will be glad you did.” 

Please take the time to review the above-mentioned letter online. Please take the time to look into every candidate you vote for BEFORE you cast that vote. 

Diane Zimmerman 

Santa Clarita