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Crochet bags to bring to the beach? Think crochet everything, baby. If a look at the Resort 2023 trend leaves any sort of impression, it is the fact that yarns are claiming a permanent stay in your wardrobe. It’s vacation time!

We spent the last season witnessing crochet creeping its way from beach staples (read: oversized totes and swimsuit cover-ups, and them only) onto everyday items, meaning it’s now socially acceptable to go anywhere with a beach psyche (and body). Working nine to five? Get comfy with your favourite crochet shrug. Sipping a Long Island Iced Tea at the local hot spot? Make sure to dress and impress in your matching crop crochet set.

Sky’s the limit, girlies, just remember: keep calm and imagine the sounds of ocean waves whenever minor inconveniences strike. You’re chilling at the beach, and life has never been so beautiful.

Resort 2023: The In It To Twin It

Resort 2023: The One Size Fits All

Ready for the summer nonchalance to give you a reason to wake up every day with a smile? Try on crochet — the most cheerful form of mesh top there is — through the kaleidoscopic lenses of Miu Miu, LOEWE and more.

Tying the knot with crochet:

Isn’t the halter neck just the most Y2K design to ever exist? Drawing inspiration from patchwork to convey a DIY sentiment, this Miu Miu top is hard to pass, and harder to look away from. Just watch how Cardi B slayed in it.

€ 720 (approx. HK$5,900)

Feeling artsy and looking for fun? Start the day with sunshine and rainbow with this LOEWE top. Radiating playfulness with its rainbow-trimmed, chunky tank silhouette, this number gets along with your straight-legged jeans like a house on fire.


The Cormio persona is an OG alt-girl navigating our fantasy of Y2K today. She has the look and attitude down to a T, and is incorporating modern elements into her whimsically sweet wardrobe. Case in point: this Vanessa dress in bright stripes and a barely mini length.


Your first rodeo? This Hayden top by Sea is probably the safest bet for aspiring crochet wearers — from the breezy colour scheme to the universally beloved round pattern, what’s not to adore about it? Better yet, it’s something you can layer over your bikini top. Talk about serving its intended purpose.


First off: oh my god, cute. Handcrafted with love in Nigeria, YarnOver’s entire line-up gives you the warm fuzzies with its vibrant colourways and hyper-feminine designs. Forget about bespoke suits and gowns, get your custom, made-to-measure crochet sets from YarnOver today.


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