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Show your beloved the depths of your devotion with these captivating gemstones that are love letters to your special bond. From the romantic pink tourmaline to the bold crimson ruby and verdant emerald, these glittering rocks are perfect for expressing eternal adoration.

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Flower Drop yellow gold necklace with nine pink tourmalines and 20 mixed-cut diamonds

All symbolism associated with the pink tourmaline can be traced back to love. This stone serves as a token of romance, love for friends and family, as well as self-love. It is also considered a stone of reconciliation since it enhances compassion, unconditional affection and knowledge.

Harry Winston New York Collection City Lights platinum earrings with emerald-cut blue sapphires, round yellow diamonds, and round and marquise-cut diamonds

It’s little wonder that the blue sapphire is a choice gem for engagement rings, as it’s believed to be a powerful gemstone that enhances love, permanence and fidelity in relationships. The stone is also associated with mutual attachments, making it ideal for increasing the level of commitment between married couples. Another sought-after gemstone for engagement rings is the yellow diamond as it’s symbolic of optimism, wisdom, love and happiness.

Pink spinel

Bulgari Eden: Garden of Wonders Serpenti Spinel Embrace pink gold necklace with a drop-shaped pink spinel from Tajikistan and diamonds

Like most fiery red stones, pink spinel is believed to spur great passion, devotion and boost longevity. It’s also known to be a healing gemstone as it soothes and calms the mind and balances emotions – encouraging one to set their ego aside and become more devoted to their other half.

Pink sapphire

love gemstones pink sapphire

Cartier Beautés du Monde high jewellery Éléphant Noir white gold brooch with petrified magnolia wood, a pink sapphire and diamond

The pink sapphire brings the wisdom of resilience to one’s life, in which true strength lies in the power of vulnerability. It assists the emotional body through various transitions of life, stimulating love, forgiveness, acceptance and surrender. A token of sincerity, loyalty and an undying love, sapphires are the ideal gem for engagement rings as well.


love gemstones ruby

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Legend of Diamonds – 25 Mystery Set Collection high jewellery Ornement Mystérieux white and rose gold clip with Traditional Mystery Set rubies, round rubies and diamond

Historically the symbol of love, true romance and lust, the ruby is said to be able to arouse passion and desire with its emotionally charged crimson shade. It’s no surprise that French jewellers in the 1800s referred to it as the “dearly loved stone”.


love gemstones emerald

Graff Tribal Collection white gold and platinum necklace with pear-shaped, emerald-cut and round emeralds, and multi-shaped diamonds

While the ruby is regarded as the gemstone of passionate love, the emerald is known to be symbolic of deep, faithful and mature love. It’s believed that the green gem can reveal true love and bring partners closer together as it opens the heart chakra, which promotes harmony and domestic bliss by enabling the wearer to give and receive unconditional love.

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