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Chris Evans  (forever our Captain America) can now add another accolade to his ever-growing list, as he officially joins the ranks of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive. Taking home the coveted title of ‘People’s Sexiest Man Alive‘ for 2022, the blockbuster actor says his “Mom will be so happy.”

“She’s proud of everything I do but this is something she can really brag about,” he told People Magazine. He is also bracing for some playful harassment from his friends.

“I think we can all agree that it’s damn near impossible to follow in Paul Rudd’s footsteps in any capacity, but I’ll do my best.”

Evans, 41, is best known for his role as Marvel’s ultimate Avenger, Captain America, a role which arguably sent his career into stardom and one that Evans says was the greatest decision of his life. But since hanging up the shield at the conclusion of Marvel’s Avengers: End Game, the actor has been as busy as ever. Just this year alone, he starred in Pixar’s Lightyear, Netflix’s The Gray Man and will release three new movies at the start of 2023, including the Apple TV+ drama Ghosted.

The Boston native leads a notoriously private life, but mentioned earlier this year on the press tour for The Gray Man that he’s “laser focused” on finding a partner; someone that he can settle down and start a family with. He continues with this sentiment in a recent interview via People Magazine.

“That’s absolutely something I want,” he says on the topic of fatherhood. “Some things you want just for you, or just for my family and my friends.”