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SHANGHAI: The head of China’s Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Saturday (Apr 8) urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to return to a “scientific, fair” position in tracing the origin of COVID-19.

At a news conference, Shen Hongbing warned the WHO against politicising the source of the virus, which was first detected in central China in late 2019, or becoming a tool of another country.

The WHO chief on Thursday pressed China to share its information about the origins of COVID-19, saying that until that happened all hypotheses remained on the table.

“Without full access to the information that China has, you cannot say this or that,” said Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“All hypotheses are on the table. That’s WHO’s position and that’s why we have been asking China to be cooperative on this.”

“If they would do that then we will know what happened or how it started,” he added.