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If you’re a fan of Koffee With Karan, there’s no way you missed Sara Ali Khan-Janhvi Kapoor’s near-death travel experience at the Bhairavnath Temple. And if that incident got you curious about other stars, just like us, we have got you covered. We did some research and curated a list of other celebrity travel stories that speak of crazy adventure and scary experiences. Are you ready for this?

Near-death celebrity travel experiences

Sara Ali Khan – Janhvi Kapoor


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Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor have become almost best buddies in the last couple of years, and are often seen taking trips and spending time together. On Koffee With Karan season 7, the actor-friends shared how they had a near-death experience when on their Kedarnath trip. The two were climbing up Bhairavnath, when Janhvi suggested they deviate from the normal path and climb up a route that has an 85 degree incline. Sara, not wanting to be a buzzkill, agreed, and this lead to the two of them being stuck, due to shaky rocks and the steep incline.

A fan came their way but not to their rescue, and after about 30 minutes of them being stuck, it was Janhvi’s team who found them and pulled them up to safety. However, when asked whether they would do this again, both girls were sure they would take up this adventure!

Sunny Leone


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Sunny Leone is another Indian celebrity who has a scary travel story to share with fans. The actor and her husband, Daniel Weber, narrowly escaped a plane crash back in 2017. The couple encountered bad weather on a private jet, and in a post, she recalled that she knew the situation was bad when the pilots were praying mid-air. However, she thanked the teams for bringing her and others on the flight back home safely.

Leonardo DiCaprio


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The list of scary travel experiences that a celebrity has faced includes Leonardo DiCaprio’s near-drowning incident. Edward Norton had once revealed how he saved the Oscar-winning actor’s life. DiCaprio had dived to chase after some eagle rays and watch them up-close, when Norton, an experienced diver, realised that there wasn’t enough oxygen in the other actor’s tank to last him through the scuba diving expedition. He dove in, and shared his oxygen with DiCaprio, and the two of them made it up to the surface of the water.

This is not all – DiCaprio, on a trip to Russia, had to face yet another near-death experience. The engine on his plane burst into flames, and the flight had to make an emergency landing. Thankfully, the plane landed safely and all passengers walked out unharmed.

Miley Cyrus


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Recently, singer Miley Cyrus was on an American flight that got struck by lightning. Recounting the experience, she said that she had a bad feeling since the morning of the flight. In a chat with Seth Meyers, she recounted that the incident was really scary, and she was crying in her mom’s lap. Thankfully, her plane made a safe emergency landing, even though she did have to cancel her show because of the rains and the weather.

Travis Barker


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Among the celebrity travel stories that involve hair raising incidents is musician and Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker. The Blink-182 drummer, back in 2008, narrowly escaped a deadly plane crash. While four other passengers were killed, the musician suffered third-degree burns and post-traumatic stress disorder. Even then, he returned to the studios just two months after the incident.

Zac Efron


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Our collective childhood crush since his High School Musical days, Zac Efron, is also someone who had a traumatic travel experience – though it is somewhat different from what you might think. The actor was cycling in London, and he almost came under a double-decker bus, he told media.

Amy Schumer


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Amy Schumer was a serious volleyball player as a teenager and a surfer. On one such trip as a high schooler, she got into a bad accident, she told Vanity Fair. “I skegged myself. My whole fin went into my leg, and I had to yank it out. I was by myself,” she said. She eventually found help, and survived, though she has a bad scar because of the same.

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