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Banner days for Dover Street Market, which is dropping killer sneaker collabs left and right amidst a series of head-turning exclusives — why go anywhere else?

Especially if you’re in London, where the ur-DSM is doubling down on a celebration of Photo London via another round of exclusive collaborations and drops.

Photo London is an annual festival of sorts, celebrating the art of photography (duh) and the people who take it to fantastical heights — hence why Nick Knight, founder of SHOWstudio and cultural institution, is the “Master of Photography” exhibiting at Photo London 2022.

I mean, how many other headlining acts get to call themselves the master of anything?!

Dover Street Market is setting itself up to be the de-facto retailer of Photo London’s well-heeled clientele, offering a selection of items created in collaboration with its brand partners and peers, plus a various artsy tomes from IDEA Books and Jil Sander.

The main attraction is the limited edition wearables from pals like Raf Simons, Kiko Kostadinov, Wales Bonner, NOAH, and fragment design.

In fact, Dover Street Market is becoming quite the fragment collaborator, having only just hosted the latest round of Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s “tabletop” collection, a series of collaborative drops from brands that Fujiwara has working relationships with (there’s a lot).

This go-round DSM released a series of instantly-sold-out shirts printed with actual photos taken by Fujiwara (people really like this dude’s blurry cityscapes, apparently), accompanied by likeminded NOAH and Raf Simons T-shirts.

Kiko Kostadinov took a different route with his offering, however, getting back in touch with multimedia artist Eric N. Mack for a super limited run (only 25 made) flannel shirts printed with imagery from Mack’s forthcoming Bodice H/E book.

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If you thought $485 would be too imposing a price for one-size-only printed cotton shirts, you don’t know DSM shoppers: they’re all sold-out, too.