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It’s an early October afternoon when Cassius Taylor logs onto a Zoom call with Tatler. He has a chiselled jawline, a hirsute face and a big, bashful smile. ‘I’m not very good at this sort of thing…’ he says. He’s been described as the ‘bad boy of the Royal Family’ – but really, Cassius Taylor is just a 25-year-old art fanatic, finding his niche.

Son of the Queen’s cousin, Lady Helen Taylor, and world-renowned art-dealer Timothy Taylor, Cassius was born a blend of royalty and art, toddling around the marble hallways of the nation’s finest galleries before he could even write. ‘I was constantly being dragged to galleries as a child’ he says. And, don’t forget, the world’s most exclusive art fairs. ‘Frieze was always this really exciting thing which we’d go to after school,’ he says in a voice softened by nostalgia.

45th in line to the throne, the young socialite has been spotted drinking pints with Lady Amelia Windsor and Lady Lola Bute in Notting Hill. He was brought up in prime London, the second eldest of four siblings: Columbus, 28, Eloise, 19, and Estella, 17. ‘I’m like the annoying middle child telling my dad what’s up,’ he jokes. ‘I always knew I’d end up in the creative industries in some capacity, due to my upbringing, similar to everyone in my family. But the past few years, I’ve just been jumping from genre to genre, sector to sector, just trying to find a niche for myself and where I fit in, because I love music, I love art.’

Cassius Taylor, Lady Helen Taylor and Timothy Taylor

David M. Benett/Getty Images