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All you need to know about the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Ruling Planet: The Moon
Energy Polarity: Yin/Feminine
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Anatomy: The Chest and Rib Cage
Metal: Silver
Gemstone: Pearl
Colour: Silver, white, and pale blue

How to handle a Cancer zodiac sign

If you have a Cancerian in your life, then make sure your feet are strong and limber, for it’ll help you walk on eggshells as you navigate their moods. To say a Cancerian is moody is like saying the night is dark. After all, it can be quite daunting to see them being all chatty and able to talk a Gemini’s ear off; only to isolate themselves a moment later.

The thing is, their moods are like the weather (both ruled by the moon), in the sense that they affect everyone around them. When they’re jubilant – they are the life of the party. However, when feeling melancholy, then everyone around them is covered by a thick sheath of gloom with an unhealthy dose of guilt, blame, and tears.

What you must understand is that Cancer doesn’t switch moods out of a perverse desire to mess with you (that’s more of a Gemini or Pisces thing). Cancer is a natural worrier, for they have experienced great tragedies – especially in their childhood – often linked with their mother directly or indirectly. This is, after all, the sign of ‘Mommy Issues’. The trauma of that may be forgotten consciously, but it’s buried deep within them, taking up a huge chunk of their subconscious mind. One of the ways they cope with that trauma is through their imagination. A Cancerian can easily get lost daydreaming away about escaping to faraway places. Many often-become travellers, and try their best to travel the world, taking great delight in discovering unique places.

When that imagination is used positively, Cancer becomes a creative force of nature, bringing a special je ne sais quoi in everything they do. They can be vivid story tellers and even make something as dour as accounting seem almost mystical. However, when that imagination is used negatively, they turn irrational and begin conjuring up the worst-case scenarios in their minds. Their fears and insecurities – especially around abandonment, poverty, and loss of security – get heightened, and the entire energy field gets tarnished.

The key here is to give them space, but at the same time make sure they know that you’re around. It may be confusing at first, but remember that all Cancer’s heal within their shells. You will never be allowed in there, because the Cancer zodiac sign is incredibly private about certain things – especially their ‘shells’. However, they will often check if you’re still there. Seeing you nearby, even if you’re just doing your own thing, will comfort them. It’ll signal that you’ll always love them in both good and bad times. The minute they feel secure about that – they’ll slowly creep out of their shell, go to the kitchen and fix you something delicious. Also, remember, Cancer enjoys giving gifts. It’s their way of expressing love when words are not enough. Be it handmade, bespoke, or something you’ve always wanted – they will surprise you with it one day.

Just remember, Cancerians are ruled by the moon. Thus, if you wish to figure what’s going on with them, then track the phases of the moon, including which sign it is in. Spend a lunar cycle, figuring how they are during the different phases. Does the full moon make them ‘loony’? Are they depleted during the new moon? Does productivity increase during first quarter? Are they spouting gibberish during a gibbous? Are they going through a major ‘I just can’t’ moment during a waning crescent? Figuring out how they are during each phase of the moon will give you the ability to not only find out their emotional state, but also help prepare for what you’ll have to deal with. They’ll appreciate the effort, because they’re so attuned to your emotional needs that they can figure what you need before even you do. It will make them feel like finally someone is going the extra mile to take care of them.

Cancer zodiac sign
AnotherGypsy, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Loving the Crab

People under Cancer zodiac sign rarely ever make the first move! Unless they have a major fiery placement in their charts, or an afflicting moon or ascendant, Cancer is never the kind to wear their heart on their sleeves. Their hearts have been wounded so deeply that they consider it foolish to just give it away so easily. Thus, when a Cancer likes you – they’ll just keep silent – at least on the outside. On the inside they’ll pine away, dreaming of scenarios about you, and secretly stalking on social media. However, they’ll never let you know about it.

One could say that they fear rejection. One may say that sometimes when they feel for someone, they feel so immensely, that words do no justice to the depth of their emotions. Whatever be the reason, Cancer will always proceed cautiously in matters of the heart. Matters of the body are a different story altogether – never confuse the two.

A Cancer will forever test you. Like everything else about them (apart from their moods), the tests shall be subtle. You wouldn’t even know when you are undergoing one of their tests, but you’ll definitely know whether you’ve passed or failed. This is because Cancerian insecurities run deep, and their fear of betrayal and abandonment can almost be crippling. However, when you pass these tests, you’ll be rewarded with undying love, loyalty, and someone who will have your back no matter what!

As lovers, because of their heightened levels of sensitivity, they can almost anticipate your needs, and if they love you, they will make sure those needs are fulfilled. In a way, you know where you stand based on how well you’re being treated in (and out of) bed.

Cancer is always ‘The Mom’. Their way of showing affection is almost maternal. They’ll ensure that you’re well fed, well looked after, and will always make you feel protected. And like all mom’s they’ll nag, sigh with exasperation every time you do something wrong, and will lay on the guilt trips and turn on the water-works at a moment’s notice.

Speaking of moms, you will always be compared to a Cancerian’s mother! Whether it’s a loving and empowering relationship, or a toxic and traumatic one – their mother is always the benchmark for all relationships. Even if their relationship is soured, all you can do is listen to them vent. The fact that you speak about them respectfully, no matter what, is a quality that appeals strongly to a Cancer.

ProTip: Find out their favourite comfort foods, and learn how to make it the way their mother did. Granted, it’s a dated and sexist trope – but the Cancer zodiac sign is deeply old fashioned about certain things, and this will work like a charm on them.

Inspite of their shyness and timidity, Cancer truly is the boss of the relationship, and you must trust them because their safe-route of tried and tested methods will help you navigate through everything life throws at you. This is the sign that can, and always will, love you unconditionally with an open heart and a nurturing soul.

You’ll be guaranteed heart-warming bear hugs, jolly laughs, delicious food, and a comfortable home. And yes, the two of you will make sweet beautiful memories throughout your holidays.

A word of caution though – Cancer never dumps. They torment!

Cancer compatibility

Best Lovers: Scorpio & Pisces
Best Friends: Taurus & Virgo
Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Capricorn
Red Flags: Aries & Libra
Mysterious Wild-Cards: Sagittarius & Aquarius


Remember, Cancer is always the Boss. They can be a mother-hen that nurtures employees and co-workers to shine and reach full potential, or they can be the smothering kinds that stifle their employees’ growth. Remember, you’re not their mere employee/co-worker. You’re an extension of their family. They will take everything personally.

Fortunately, most Crabs are incredibly compassionate and and acutely perceptive to their employees’ emotional needs. They understand when you need a ‘personal day’ if you’re down in the dumps. They will make sure you’re well-fed and the office cafeteria is filled with tasty and nutritious treats that energise and comfort the soul. They’ll give you thoughtful advice when required. Sometimes even when you don’t need it! A smart employee will always take their Cancer boss’ sound advice. However, they’re also the first to know when you’re taking advantage of their kindness and will reprimand you thoroughly for doing so. Remember, they’re always watching you.

Cancer needs to feel ‘at home’ at work. Whatever they do is a reflection of their need for emotional security. This is often why, many of them would rather work at home. Often at times, this is the sign with a home business or an office. If they can’t work at home, they’ll work so hard at their jobs to secure that plush corner office and decorate it in such a way that it provides all the comforts of their own home.

Cancer is a masterful negotiator, and will often choose the path that is the most peaceful and brings out the best in both parties. A Crab is at it’s best when it’s encouraging others to be their best. They make great mentors because they genuinely love to inspire others to reach their full potential. Your success is a reflection of their ability to nurture you.

Cancer genuinely loves asking about your family’s well being, and will often swap stories and anecdotes about home-life, and happily share pictures of their children and latest vacations.

However, it’s important to realise that anything a Crab does, it has to be profitable, bring growth and security. Not one to be a casual risk-taker, Cancer will often take the slow-and-steady approach because it’s important for them to have a nest-egg that’ll enable them to live their retirement years in comfort and security. Cancer values money because they know it’s importance in building security – thus, many Crabs have a big savings account, as well as, invest their money well. However, it’s not just for themselves – it’s for making sure their family and loved ones are well taken care off. This is a sign that will always leave a legacy for generations to come.

Do remember, Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the flowing emotional waters of a river. This is a sign blessed with numerous creative talents. Cancer zodiac sign often uses their creative talents to earn a living, and make sure it’s a comfortable one. This sign cannot and will not tolerate being a starving artist. Thus, if they can’t earn from their creative skills, they’ll make sure to devote enough time to it apart from work. Indulging in their creativity gives them a sense of zen. However, whatever they do for a living, they will be incredibly passionate about it, and will expect that kind of love and dedication from those who work with them.

Many a times, Cancer may give up a career to take care of their families. Don’t mistake this for laziness. Cancer stay-at-home parents raise their children because they’re investing in their futures. They’ll spare nothing to make sure their children receive the best care possible so that they’re nurtured to become well-rounded individuals. Their spouse may be the breadwinner, but Cancer will be the Boss of the home. You’ll be grateful for this. And, when the children are grown up and living their lives, Cancers are known to start small home businesses and turn them into profitable enterprises. Starting out late doesn’t scare them.

A brief list of careers best suited for Cancer:

Wedding Planner, OBGYN, Paediatrician, Historians, Museum/Art Gallery Curator, Hotelier, Bed-n-Breakfast Owner, Chef, Food Critic/Blogger, Artist, Actor, Photographer, Nurse, Interior Decorator, Real Estate Development, Property Broker, Restaurateur, Healer, Nutritionist, Sailor, Shipping, Importer/Exporter, Home Business Owner, Writer, Financial Adviser, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Teacher, Diplomat, Judge, Zoologist, Botanist, Anything related to water and liquids, Archeologist, Public & Civil Service Officer etc.

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