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As part of the brand’s Spring Novelties launch, brand-new limited edition watches from Sinn have arrived. The launch includes three limited edition models that will be a massive hit with fans and followers of the brand. Sinn’s signature aesthetic has been featured heavily in the designs of these new timepieces, ensuring the classic aesthetic that is internationally renowned. If you are searching for your next investment timepiece, keep reading to learn more about the brand-new limited edition watches from Sinn.

The New Watches

T50 GOLDBRONZE 1052.061

Brand-New Limited Edition Watches from Sinn

This brand-new timepiece is limited to just 300 pieces worldwide, ensuring it is set to be a very collectable model. Sinn is known for using “unconventional” materials in the designs of its timepieces, and this watch is breaking new boundaries. The watch is created using a bronze alloy that the brand is referring to as Goldbronze 125. It has a high degree of purity with a composition of one-eighth gold. This ensures improved skin compatibility and increased corrosion resistance to seawater. The surface of this unique metal will oxidise to create a unique patina. However, this process will occur more slowly than on natural bronze, allowing the original polished finish to be enjoyed for longer.

This timepiece is equipped with two Sinn Technologies: a captive safety diver’s bezel and Ar-Dehumidifying Technology. The dial is detailed with irregular decorative grinding to create nuances of light with every movement of the wrist. The features of the dial are all treated with a luminous substance, ensuring that the watch can be used in all light conditions. This timepiece is powered by an SW 300-1 automatic movement that is designed to be anti-magnetic. With a water resistance rating of up to 50 bar, this watch can be worn for all water-based activities.

U50 DS 1050.034

This watch is limited to just 1000 pieces, and each model is individually numbered to enhance its uniqueness. The dial of this timepiece exhibits decorative grinding which creates an exciting interplay of colours. This finish is entirely unique on each model, so every single watch is different. This dial is adorned with luminous hands and indices that can be seen clearly, even when utilising the impressive water resistance of up to 50 bar. This rating is aided by a screw-fastened case back and crown.

A captive rotating bezel frames the dial and a case made from high-strength seawater-resistant German Submarine Steel surrounds it. This material gives the watch exceptional strength and excellent anti-magnetic properties. It is also treated with the brand’s TEGIMENT Technology giving it a great level of robustness. Powered by an SW 300-1 automatic movement, this timepiece will never leave its wearer without the time.

U1 S Perlmutt S 1010.0242

Brand-New Limited Edition Watches from Sinn

The striking mother-of-pearl dial at the centre of this timepiece truly makes it stand out from the crown. This material is not often seen in the designs of men’s watches, making this limited edition timepiece even more unique. With just 300 of this brand-new model available worldwide, this watch is set to be a firm favourite with fans of the brand. The juxtaposition between the delicate mother-of-pearl dial and its bold black surround creates a pleasant contrast on the wrist. The dial is adorned with bold black hands and indices that are all treated with a luminous substance.

The case of this watch is made from German Submarine Steel which has been treated with a Black Hard Coating. This case is equipped with a screw back and crown to reinforce the water resistance rating of up to 100 bar. The watch is powered by an SW 200-1 automatic movement and features a captive bezel, making the timepiece the perfect companion for any adventure.

What do you think of the brand-new limited edition watches from Sinn? Which of these three models caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!