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No one does beauty better than Swiss luxury brands. And while we could think of a handful of names that have pioneered some of the industry’s biggest shifts (La Prairie, anyone?), Valmont is a front-runner for its cellular research that results in efficacious formulas for healthy, happy skin.

The secret behind its impactful skincare is its usage of exceptional alpine ingredients, which I discover at its new facial cabin at Tangs Singapore. The Swiss brand is known for its treatments that use cellular cosmetic techniques gleaned from medical treatments.

For the afternoon, I’m recommended the Brightness of Ice ritual after my therapist inspects my dull and clogged skin. The radiance-giving treatment is designed to refine my skin’s texture, purge it of impurities and take on any pigmentation for a more even complexion.

90 minutes go by quick and while I drift in and out of sleep, here’s what struck the most. Valmont has a wealth of formidable massage techniques, including the Butterfly Motion which is a signature of the house. Like graceful choreography, it is gentle yet firm and incorporates lymphatic drainage through broad strokes, pinching and tapping to trigger better cellular microcirculation and absorption of the products used.

My therapist’s hands also seem to move in the most rejuvenating of rhythms. She alternates between quick and leisurely movements, as well as with light and vigorous kneading.

After cleansing and toning, I am so relaxed that the manual exfoliation goes by comfortably in a flash despite the many blackheads and clogged pores that she purges. To restore my skin’s natural radiance, the Clarifying Pack is applied and left onto my skin to remove dead skin cells on the surface. The Prime Renewing Pack follows next. It is massaged in to rejuvenate and give skin the full force of brightening it deserves.

Finally, to battle my skin’s dark spots, the Regenerating Mask Treatment collagen veil is applied. This intensive formula works to firm the skin while it deeply moisturises and evens out the complexion. The Collagen amino acids lock in all the goodness of the ingredients, as well as the collagen’s effects. Despite my naps during the facial, I’m gently jolted awake several times during the facial. The ‘ice’ in the treatment’s name is taken quite literally as, at times, the products apply ice cold on my skin, delivering instant rejuvenation.

I leave the facial with gleaming, clean skin and a big happy grin. If you’re looking for a facial that delivers instant radiance-giving results with minimal pain and maximum relaxation, this is it.

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