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New York Fashion Week is dead, long live New York Fashion Week. The Big Apple’s Fall/Winter 2023 fashion shows wrapped mere hours before the London runways began but street style is here forever. Or at least until next season.

There’s plenty to extrapolate from the week’s events — overarching themes, moments of virality, celebrity presence (Julia Fox?), the vibe in general — but let’s just look at what everyone was wearing to the shows, for now.

Even there, though, there are ample takeaways to be had.

For instance, you can see an overabundance of two primary colors: red and yellow.

Red was a buzzy hue for the past few months and fashion show attendees brought it center stage with typically flashy outfits.

But yellow, red’s primary color sibling, proved to be a surprise challenger in the battle for tonal dominance, as guests made a splash with yellow layering pieces and handbags (hello, LOEWE Puzzle).

Others met in the middle with some vivid green looks but it really came down to red and yellow. It’s not just for M&Ms!

More trendy elements: waist flair (yep, called that), delivered by wallet chains, clip-on accessories, overlong layers, and even some stuffed animals affixed to belts.

Crop tops further accentuated the hips, as guests made the most of the week’s warming weather to play with proportions.

Workwear is, of ever, also of the moment, demonstrated by an abundance of washed-out denim jeans and jorts.

You have the true blue collar element here by way of Carhartt and vintage jeans but also a more stylish approach provided by designer labels like Who Decides War or even the guests themselves, who snipped and altered jeans to make their own statement pieces.

As always, when in doubt, let your bag do the talking.

An overabundance of luxury handbags populated the streets, both from larger designer labels like Balenciaga, Dior, and Bottega Veneta and some quieter options like CELINE and, uh, Céline.

Hey, Phoebe’s back, after all. No better time to bring back the vintage bags.