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The life of the late Amy Winehouse is set to be told through the lens of an official biopic, with the announcement that the late singer’s friend, Sam Taylor-Johnson (Nowhere Boy; Fifty Shades of Grey), will be taking the helm as director.

Titled ‘Black To Back’, the film comes eleven years after Winehouse tragically passed away from a fatal alcohol overdose in 2011, leaving behind an undeniable talent that will never be replicated. The film will highlight Winehouse’s tumultuous career, in particular her struggles with addiction, excessive media attention and her battles with mental illness.

Whilst a biopic on Amy Winehouse has been rumoured for some years – the film has been in production since 2018, when it was green lit by Amy Winehouse’s estate – the film was never made for a number of reasons.. until now. As per Variety, it’s understood that the film’s script has been written. Now, the next step is to find the lead actor to play Amy Winehouse.

And as for who will play the titular role? Some say Lady Gaga is the only person who could successfully play this role. Others, like Amy Winehouse’s dad, think differently.

“I wouldn’t mind betting it would be an unknown, young, English — London, cockney — actress who looks a bit like Amy,” Mitch Winehouse told British tabloids back in 2018.

“What we want is somebody to portray Amy in the way that she was…the funny, brilliant, charming and horrible person that she was. There’s no point really me making the film because I’m her dad. But to get the right people to do it, that’s very important, and we will.”

To this day, Amy Winehouse remains one of the most seminal female solo artists of all time, influencing stars like Lady Gaga and Adele to pursue a career in music. The new biopic is a standalone production which won’t have anything to do with the award-winning documentary Amy Winehouse – Back to Black, a movie detailing the making of Winehouse’s Back to Black album.


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