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The Spring/Summer 2023 men’s season brought us buttcracks and skater boys. Now, Paris Couture Week is bringing us glamour and gags.

Schiaparelli kicked off the Fall 2022 couture season epically, rounding up an eclectic roster of A-listers to ogle a show that, per creative director Daniel Roseberry’s notes, celebrated beauty for beauty’s sake.

“I think we sometimes get defensive when critics accuse us of just wanting to make beautiful things,” Roseberry wrote. “But what’s wrong with wanting to make beautiful things? It’s not the only important part of life, of course, but it is a part of life. And to make truly beautiful things isn’t actually that easy. But it is a privilege — and I’m grateful for it every day.”

Indeed, it was a pleasure to tune out from the ugliness of American politics for a few minutes and revel in Roseberry’s surrealist fantasy: gowns topped with flower bouquets, chokers shaped like anatomically correct hearts, and earrings dripping in gold grapes were just a few of the collection’s delights.

Equally delightful to behold were Roseberry’s guests, who wore their Schiaparelli best. There was Euphoria actor Hunter Schafer, Brit pop-star Rina Sawayama, and Bling Empire fashionista Jamie Xie, all decked out in Schiaparelli jewels. Emma Watson wore a wide-shouldered bolero and Anitta donned a dangerous-looking cone bra. Photographer Nadia Lee Cohen didn’t wear a top at all. Hollywood heavyweights Natasha Lyonne, Michelle Yeoh, and Lee Pace were present, too.

As André Leon Talley once said, “It’s a famine of beauty… my eyes are starving for beauty!” After a stylish yet rather unglamorous men’s season, I gladly gobbled up Schiaparelli’s serving of opulence, fantasy, and glitterati.

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