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Today, Maurice Lacroix has announced the all-new Aikon King of the Court watch. The watch is a special edition that is sure to appeal to fans of the brand and lovers of volleyball. Maurice Lacroix has been the Official Timekeeper of the King of the Court competition since 2021. This brand new and exciting timepiece has been produced as part of this collaboration. The King of the Court is a competition where athletes compete in volleyball tournaments held in different cities around the globe. Maurice Lacroix has previously worked with other sporting competitions, giving them plenty of experience in the field. This means that this watch is one of the best in the industry. The brand says that its model is designed for competitive individuals who crave success in their chosen arena. The watch will be the perfect companion for every walk of life, not just volleyball.

The All-New Aikon King of the Court Watch

All-New Aikon King of the Court

The energy of the King of the Court competition is tense and exciting with an atmosphere of nervousness and excitement. This energy is perfectly captured in the colour palette of the timepiece. The colour palette has been precisely selected to match the corporate colours of the tournament. The watch is designed in shades of black, white, silver and golden yellow.

All-New Aikon King of the Court

The Dial and Case

The silver dial of this watch exhibits three black sub-dials to create a highly functional chronograph feature. The dial also features a date aperture alongside silver hour and minute hands. These hands are detailed with luminescence whilst the second hand is designed in a bold yellow shade. The enhances visibility, making it easy to read the watch in the dark. The 44mm case of this model is crafted from titanium. Titanium is a desirable material in watchmaking as it is not susceptible to corrosion or influenced by magnetic fields. The metal is also hypoallergenic so it can comfortably be worn by most people. A unique feature of this watch is that the case back is engraved with the King of the Court logo to emphasise the sporting inspiration behind the watch.

All-New Aikon King of the Court

The Strap and Finishing Touches

This all-new Aikon King of the Court watch is secured on the wrist using an FKM rubber strap in a tricolour design. This material was selected for the strap as it is a premium grade of rubber that is more flexible. Additional flexibility increases comfort, meaning that that watch can be worn for longer stretches of time. This rubber also has superior water resistance compared to other types of rubber. The material is also resistant to fading, ensuring that the vibrant colour palette will last. This strap is also equipped with the brand’s Easy Strap Exchange system, meaning that the strap can be changed without the use of tools. Additionally, the watch is water-resistant up to 100 metres, making it a great timepiece for everyday wear.

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