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The Hong Kong Arts Centre opened its inaugural Collector’s Choice Art Exhibition for public view on Wednesday. The exhibition features a range of Hong Kong Art School alumni from the past twenty-five years.

Visitors are greeted by a pair of vintage, hand-painted Louis Vuitton trunks upon entry, flanked by large-scale oil paintings by Tobe Kan. The main room features a range of multimedia works such as photography works, prints and ceramics on display. The highlights for us were the ceramic replicas of Mcdonald’s sundae cups in various states of destruction. A sweeping triptych by former tattoo artist Li Ning immediately draws the eye: the large-scale prints evoke traditional techniques through a contemporary lens. The prints are rendered in red, green, and blue — the primary colours of light.

A recreation of a traditional Hong Kong board game, affectionately monikered “airplane chess” seems deceptively simple, until upon closer inspection, the viewer discovers the board is made up of thousands of tiny stickers that read Made in Hong Kong.

There will be an open house tomorrow 25 March featuring special music performances, workshops, and movie screenings for those looking to fully immerse themselves into the world of art.

Check out the exhibition images at the gallery below:

These works and many others are currently on view from now until 10 April at the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre.