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Anna Quan, white shirt, anne shirt

It’s often the simplest items in our wardrobe that do the most heavy lifting and none do it more, with little thanks, than the classic white shirt. So when you find one that’s perfectly adaptable for both formal and informal moments…that’s the Holy Grail of attire.

In the words of Tim Gunn, the classic white shirt is the ne plus ultra of elegance and good taste. Thrown over a vest for the weekend, ironed to a knife’s edge sharpness for work or evening; buttoned or unbuttoned at the collar and used as the backdrop for a tie – a white shirt is the blank canvas upon which you can create unlimited iterations of personal style.

Enter Australian brand Anna Quan

Sydney-based label Anna Quan has just turned 10 and to celebrate a decade in the industry founder Anna Hoang has relaunched her signature Anne Shirt as a unisex staple.

A cornerstone of her creations, Hoang has been perfecting and mastering the elements of the Anne Shirt for the past 10 years. It has become an iconic fixture, favourited for its precise cuts and elevated details that transform what is a simple piece of fashion into a high-rotational statement.

Anna Quan, white shirt, anne shirt

This obsession with creating the ultimate staple piece might have something to do with Hoang’s early days before entering fashion. Prior to creating Anna Quan, Hoang had intentions of entering law. Not the most runway-driven of careers but one that is driven by details and where performance is key.

So that the first collection from Anna Quan, in 2013, was one of shirts – corporate, casual, classic – is perhaps no surprise. It was the perfect bridge between one career and the next.

To mark the anniversary, the Anne Shirt has been updated for more genderless proportions. Extendable sleeves, for example, now come with an exaggerated cuff. Buttons on the front are concealed and silk trim is added to the cuff.