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Christmas gift shopping for the man who has everything is hard. We’ve all been there.

If you need a little help and a good dose of inspiration, our editorial team made this handy little list with you in mind. This curated list of the best luxury Christmas gifts for men is exactly what you need to surprise your friend or the man in your life with a thoughtful and memorable gift.

From playful tech accessories to stylish wardrobe essentials, read on to discover our no-fail luxury gifts for your favorite guy.

If your wallet is just starting to recover post-holiday season, don’t fret. From budget-friendly treats to high-end premium gifts, it’s all here. And to make sure that you stay within a (reasonable?) budget, we’re breaking down our list by price range:

  1. Best gift for men under $100
  2. Best gift for men under $200
  3. Best gift for men if money is no object

Psssst, we also curated a list of the best gifts for her, for teenage boys and teenage girls, and for kids. Your entire gift shopping is taken care of.

Our top picks for the best luxury gifts for men this Christmas 2022

In a rush? No problem! Here are the most popular gifts for men right now. These are sure to be a hit.


best luxury men gift him larq water bottle - Luxe Digital
Water Bottle


Ready for more? Behold, 75 gift ideas for men.

The best gifts for men under $100

We start our list with men’s Christmas gifts under $100. You’ll find here small gifts that are funny or symbolic, but also a few creative ideas to show that you care. These gifts are perfect for a friend, a boyfriend, or if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your gift.

The Jacket Maker Leather Gift Set

Marrying elegant spoils and utilitarian delights, The Jacket Maker’s gift set hits that elusive sweet spot required of luxury gifts for the man who has everything.

The slim profile wallet remains a quintessential accessory for business days and longer hauls. Whilst the even-slimmer cardholder is perfect for nipping out sans excessive bulk. The graceful passport holder is worthy of first-class treatment. And the practical key chain is (potentially) a marriage-saver.

We adore this accessory quartet in black or brown. And for extra special occasions, optional personalization adds a special sentimental touch.

best luxury gift men ideas him the jacket maker timeless taylen black leather gift set - Luxe Digital


Perfect to turn the chore of shaving into an indulging, daily ritual that will remind him of you every morning.

Gucci Guilty

Buying a fragrance for a man can be tricky. So tricky in fact, that we tested over 50 perfumes to write our guide to the best colognes for men. After all our research, we can confidently recommend Gucci Guilty as the overall best fragrance for men.

The vibe is modern, exotic, and incredibly intense. Just as the name suggests, Gucci Guilty is an exquisitely guilty pleasure. He’s sure to like it.

best luxury men gift him gucci guilty fragrance - Luxe Digital

Fresh and delicious coffee subscription

For the man who needs his morning coffee to have a great day, help him discover the best coffee beans in the world with this subscription box set by Atlas Coffee Club. Each month, he’ll receive a curated selection of single-origin coffee with brewing recommendations and information about each coffee. The beans are fresh and artfully roasted to accentuate their flavors. No wonder they feature at the top of the best coffee subscription websites.

And who do you think he’ll be thanking every morning again and again for the best gift of the year? You, of course!

Check our hands-on review of Atlas Coffee Club.

best gifts for men coffee - Luxe Digital

Bellroy Note Sleeve

We love Bellroy. There’s a good reason why the brand’s super smart collection of wallets is featured multiple times on our list of the best minimalist wallets for men. Everything they create is well-thought-out and packs a ton of features in a small and compact size to improve his everyday life.

If you want a safe and practical gift for him, Bellroy’s Note Sleeve is your best pick. It has everything he’ll need. And it looks gorgeous too!

best gifts men luxury bellroy wallet - Luxe Digital

LARQ Self-cleaning Water Purifying Bottle

Now here is a gift he’ll be sure to use every single day. It looks, feels, and tastes that good! The LARQ water bottle is as stylish as it is technologically advanced. The bottle uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from the water. So he’ll stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

The LARQ bottle is available in a range of colors and finishes. We particularly like this obsidian black version that will look good on his desk or backpack. Check our round-up of the best water bottles for more ideas.

best gift men premium larq water bottle - Luxe Digital


Self-cleaning water bottle.

Harber London Desk Mat

British Premium leather designer Harber London makes so many beautiful things, it’s hard to pick just one thing from their store. But if you want an original gift idea that he’ll put to good use, their gorgeous leather desk mat is our go-to recommendation.

Available in a range of sizes and colors, this mat will immediately upgrade his desk and add an extra layer of comfort to his working from home routine.

best luxury men gift him harber london desk mat - Luxe Digital


A beautiful and practical gift to upgrade his work from home experience.

CRKT Squid Knife

The CRKT Squid Knife may look like the version he’s been carrying around since graduation. But when you look at performance, we’re pretty sure the two are incomparable. Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, this cutting-edge blade is designed to outlast multiple camping trips and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The sturdy handle is perfectly weighted. While the ball-bearing pivot makes this squid knife an extra smooth operator—just like your man.

best gifts men crkt squid knife luxe digital

The Ridge Wallet

Looking for an original yet functional gift idea for him? Check this beautiful metal minimalist wallet by The Ridge. This smart design will protect his most valuable essentials between two sleek metal sheets. It’s available in a wide selection of materials, including gold, titanium, and carbon fiber. Each wallet comes with RFID blocking technology, so his card information will be kept secure too.

Check our in-depth review of the Ridge Wallet collection to learn more about this innovative brand.

best gifts men luxury ridge wallet - Luxe Digital


A stylish and durable minimalist wallet.

Allbirds Socks

Granted, a pair of socks isn’t the most original gift for men. But wait till he tries a pair from Allbirds Trino socks! He’ll thank you for opening up a whole new world of comfort to him. You’ll see. These socks are made with a blend of Merino Wool and eucalyptus tree fiber to warm up the feet while providing a soft and breathable experience. Yes, they’re that special!

We have a round-up of the best socks for men, shortlisting the nine kinds of socks men need in their lives if you need more ideas. You can also check our dedicated Allbirds brand page to learn more about the story behind the brand.

best gifts men luxury allbirds socks - Luxe Digital


An original twist on a classic gift for men

Parachute Suede Shearling Clogs

There’s no bad work day that our favorite luxury slippers can’t fix. And because fixing bad work days just so happens to be one of our best gift ideas for men, so is this pair of Parachute clogs.

The shearling interior is the sartorial equivalent of a foot-hug. Whilst the suede exterior maintains a suave evening aesthetic. Plus, the sturdy foam soles make them outdoor-approved so that next time a delivery arrives late at night, he won’t have cold feet about popping out in his beloved Parachute slippers.

best luxury gift men ideas him parachute suede shearling clogs - Luxe Digital

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Gifting relaxation almost always goes down well—as does this Brooklinen robe. Renowned for designing the best robes for men and women, the luxury brand is a personal favorite of ours.

The soft elongated silhouette is made from 100% Turkish Cotton. And in typical robe fashion, the adjustable cuffs, pockets, and tie waist epitomize spa-like comforts. We particularly love this ravishing robe in caramel stripes. And if that isn’t his thing, one of their many alluring hues promises to speak to your man’s distinctive style. But the best thing about this gift is the excuse to buy ourselves a matching one—that’s sentimental, right?

best luxury gift men ideas him brooklinen super plush robe - Luxe Digital

Alpha Industries Beanie

Even if he doesn’t usually wear beanies—this is his cue to start. The simple silhouette is timelessly trendy with a rugged outdoor aesthetic. Whilst the soft knit lightweight fabric is breathable and smooth on the skin.

We can already see him lounging by the fireplace, stargazing at night, or sipping on a post-surf coffee—all whilst this exquisite beanie whispers sweet nothing about his masculinity into his ears.

best luxury gift men ideas him alpha industries essential beanie - Luxe Digital

Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet

The new Kindle Fire 8 tablet comes with a high-resolution display and plenty of storage to keep more books that he could read in an entire year. It’s solid and thoughtfully designed to let him also enjoy movies and music on the go.

This is a gift that will be put to good use as soon as it’s unpacked.

best luxury men gift him amazon fire hd 8 kindle - Luxe Digital


The perfect companion to take with him everywhere.

Premium iPhone case

This simple and elegant iPhone case is made from genuine premium leather and anti-drop material to resist even the most clumsy hands. It manages to remain very slim though and its matt finish elevates the look of the iPhone. Nomad cases are among the best on the market and are available in a wide range of colors and formats.

Check our editor’s selection of the best iPhone cases on the market today for more options.

best gifts men luxury nomad iphone case - Luxe Digital


The perfect gift if he recently got a new phone.

Western Rise StrongCore Socks

Ok, so receiving socks doesn’t typically blow his socks off. But after taking this pair for a spin, we anticipate spotting them on his present list year after year. Renowned for their performance-enhancing fabrics and innovative designs, Western Rise does basics a little (a lot) differently.

These StrongCore Merino socks are odor-resistant and temperature-regulating—making them our go-to travel companions. Durable, comfortable, and effortlessly elegant, what they accomplish in a single pair is no small (feet). The only problem is that once he starts wearing them, he’ll need a pair for every day of the week. But that’s what the following birthdays are for, right?

best luxury gift men ideas him western rise strongcore low socks - Luxe Digital

New Republic Classic Sneakers

Buying a pair of shoes as a gift for men can be tricky. You need to get the size and the style just right. Our pro tip: stick to the timeless classics that will elevate his style but never go out of fashion. New Republic’s classic black and white sneakers perfectly fit the bill. The brand uses genuine high-quality leather to design these shoes that are stylish and durable. And the price is just right too!

Check our editorial selection of the best designer sneakers for men if you want more options.

best gifts men luxury new republic sneakers - Luxe Digital


The perfect gift to instantly upgrade his style.

A personalized bottle of his favorite drink

For a gift that will leave a memorable impression and be the highlight of many evenings to come, take a look at ReserveBar’s custom engraving services. You can select from a large range of premium spirits, and have a personalized message engraved on the bottle.

Need help selecting the best bourbon or whisky? Check our ranking of the best alcohol brands of the year.

best gift men luxury alcohol bottle - Luxe Digital

Premium wallet with RFID blocking technology

An inexpensive yet very practical gift for men, this beautiful wallet by Vaultskin will keep his daily essentials secured. For extra safety, the wallet also comes with an RFID blocking shield material to prevent personal information theft.

Designed in Britain and made with premium Italian leather, this wallet combines elegance, comfort, and convenience. The Manhattan Wallet is available in a range of colors for a premium look and feel.

For more options, check our selection of the absolute best wallets for men available online today.

best gift men premium vaultkin wallet - Luxe Digital

Adidas Essentials Trefoil Hoodie

Every guy needs a classic and durable hoodie in his wardrobe. This Adidas Essentials Trefoil Hoodie available in black, light grey, and four other classic colors is our preferred option for the perfect gift. It’s super cozy with its plush heavy fleece fabric. It’s also minimalist and timeless. And bonus point for Adidas supporting sustainable cotton farming when you purchase from their store!

best gifts men luxury adidas hoodie - Luxe Digital


A gift you can’t go wrong with.

Greys Wool Outdoor Slipper Boot

Whether he flaunts it or not, we’re yet to meet a man who doesn’t appreciate small comforts—even in the rugged outdoors. These wool outdoor slipper boots are the perfect gift for a man who prefers comfortable adventures (even if he’s yet to admit it). 

The extra padding at the toe is stub-proof (for wrestling bears in the dark of course.) The grippy rubber sole and moisture-wicking exterior mean that he can take them out of the house, although we’ll leave it up to you to ensure that they don’t slip into his rotation office wear—unless he works from home. Then we’re all for it.

best gifts men greys outdoor slipper boot luxe digital

Leather men Dopp kit

With a trusty vintage design, this quality leather Dopp kit is the perfect size to pack all his grooming essentials when traveling. Premium leather on the outside and quality nylon on the inside, the toiletry bag also has a water-resistant inner bottom.

Want to see more options? We have an entire guide dedicated to the best Dopp kit for men.

best gift for men leather dopp kit - Luxe Digital


A great gift if he’s about to go on a holiday trip.

Nike training backpack

This gym backpack from Nike is lightweight and robust. It comes with mesh side pockets to hold two water bottles and is the perfect size to pack his sports gear and hit the gym. It’s one of the all-time readers’ favorites on our round-up of the best gym bags for men.

best gift for men nike backpack - Luxe Digital


Because guys always need a good gym backpack.

Polo Ralph Lauren virgin wool scarf

Polo Ralph Lauren’s classic grey scarf has been made in Italy from sumptuous wool that’s naturally insulating and finished with fringed ends. The house’s iconic pony emblem is neatly embroidered at the edge – it takes 982 stitches to get it just right.

best gift for men polo ralph lauren scarf - Luxe Digital

Premium cocktail shaker kit

This premium quality cocktail shaker kit is made from stainless steel to last. It comes with a free jigger and a cocktail recipe book in case he needs a little inspiration.

best gift men premium cocktail shaker kit - Luxe Digital


Undoubtedly the best gift for men with a home bar.

Premium matt black multitool

Quite literally a toolkit that fits in the pocket, this premium build quality multitool has just about every tool a man might need for handy tasks around the house.

best gift for men multitool knife - Luxe Digital

Touchscreen leather gloves

Gloves are essential for the winter. Gloves that let him use his phone and stay warm at the same time are even better. This pair of leather gloves by Dents Buxton are specially designed to work with touchscreen phones. A very practical gift for him indeed.

best gift for men touchscreen leather gloves - Luxe Digital

Cire Trudon Scented Candle

This lusciously scented candle by Cire Trudon comes in a beautiful glass jar packaging. It creates a warm and natural mood in the room with the perfect combination of bergamot and beeswax. Another fantastically multifaceted candle.

For more dreamy scents, check our round-up of the best smelling scented candles of the year.

best men gift him scented candle cire trudon - Luxe Digital

Toolbox set

This toolbox set by DEKOPRO includes 128 essential tools forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-polish chrome. This treatment guarantees both long-lasting strength and anti-corrosion protection.

best gift for men tool box kit - Luxe Digital


A very useful git for any man who recently moved in or just likes to fix a few things around the house himself.

Water-proof and fog-proof binoculars

Empower him to explore the outdoors (or just his back garden) with these classic binoculars from Bushnell. They are manufactured with quality optics and built to last.

best gift for men binoculars - Luxe Digital


Because men are all adventurers deep inside.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Choosing perfume as a gift for a man isn’t an easy affair. Opt for this fragrance by Giorgio Armani if you don’t know what he usually wears. A classic in men’s perfume, Acqua Di Gio was introduced by Giorgio Armani in 1997 and has been an instant hit. With a sharp aquatic fragrance, it’s a subtle blend of citrus, rosemary, spice, jasmine, woods, and ocean breezes. Works for both daytime or evening casual.

best gift for men acqua di gio giorgio armani - Luxe Digital

Premium whisky glass

Ensure his favorite whisky is served in the proper glassware with this stunning pair of mouth-blown glasses from Whiskey Peaks. An instant upgrade to any home bar and the perfect way to toast his life milestones. The pair of glasses comes in a beautiful presentation box that’s perfect for a gift.

The design features specially formed inner protrusions that create turbulence in the spirit when it is swirled within the bowl, reducing the presence of ethanol and allowing the aromas to take center stage. It’s a whisky glass that enhances the drink itself.

Take a look at our round-up of the best whisky glasses of the year for other options.

best gift for men norlan - Luxe Digital

Wooden chessboard

This Amazon best-seller is the best choice. It’s made from premium wood with walnut inlaid and comes with a high-quality box to store it.

best gift for men wooden chess board - Luxe Digital

Bosch power tools combo kit

This Bosch drill kit includes a combination of two powerful drill drivers to work through every surface. It’s lightweight but durable and sturdy.

best gift for men bosh drill kit - Luxe Digital


Perfect gift for a man who likes to take care of his home himself.

Polo Ralph Lauren Fragrance gift set

This fragrance box set from Ralph Lauren will help him find the perfume that’s right for him. It comes with four different scents, each unique and carefully created by the classic American luxury brand.

best gift for men polo ralph lauren perfume set - Luxe Digital

Polar fleece jacket

An autumn and winter wardrobe essential for men, this polar check jacket comes in a range of colors and is a great value if you want something of quality that isn’t expensive.

best gift for men polar fleece jacket - Luxe Digital


A traditional winter look for men.

The best gifts for him under $200

Next, let’s look at the best Christmas gift for men under $200. These are already a step up from the previous ideas. They won’t break the bank, but if you’re ready to spend more than a $100 on a gift for him, you’ll want your gift to be memorable and practical in his day-to-day life.

These gifts are best reserved for milestone celebrations like birthdays or special anniversaries. They are also the perfect Christmas gift for the special man in your life.

Browse below for more inspiration.

Luca Faloni Suede Belt

The next best thing to a trip to Italy, Luca Faloni is our go-to destination for Italian-made elevated essentials.

As one of our best belts for men, this Luca Faloni belt is handmade in Bergamo from the softest Italian leather. And the hand-stitched buckle ensures maximum support and long-lasting durability. Plus, the metal buckle doesn’t set off the airport security beams, saving him the inconvenience of many uncomfortable airport strip-downs.

best luxury gift men ideas him luca faloni classic suede belt - Luxe Digital

Vincero Chrono S Watch

Translated to “to win”, Vincero lives up to its name as a gift for any man—yes, even the one with everything. But if you really want to win over his heart, The Chrono S watch is a failsafe success. The stainless steel face is available in ten distinctive colorways, whilst various leather straps are sure to speak to his unique sense of style. In fact, there are over a hundred different combinations to make it feel personalized and extra special. 

Timeless in style but not in functionality, this versatile Vincero watch is one way to make sure he wears his heart on his sleeve.

best gifts men vincero wtaches chrono S 40mm luxe digital

Wills Aran Cable Cardigan Sweater

Timelessly elegant with a rugged backstory, this cardigan is the perfect gift for the man who appreciates style and comfort. The cable knit sweater was born in the fishing community in the Aran Islands. At the time, wives used signature patterns to mark their households. And whilst we’re not suggesting you spend the next few months handcrafting your own, this distinguished Wills iteration is the perfect gift to mark him as special and unique to you.

best gifts men wills aran cardigan luxe digital

Ember Mug²

If he’s the kind of person that deems his coffee too cold before he can finish it, the Ember Mug is the perfect way to say that you care about the tiny details. And whilst we know you’re shopping with his needs in mind, we’re pretty sure you’ll also appreciate a house void of half-drunk cups of coffee.

The Ember Mug is a high-tech, app-controlled mug that keeps your drink at your exact preferred temperature.

best gifts men ember mug luxe digital

Eberjey Henry PJ Set

Matching PJ sets are standout luxury gifts for men or women. They’re the kinds of things that we neglect to buy for ourselves, but appreciate in bucket loads when gifted. But not all PJ sets are a good idea—especially if presented to someone who highly values beauty sleep (in every sense of the word).

PJs should be irresistibly soft and stylish enough to wear around the house. They should be breathable and conveniently machine-washable. And even better if they’re made from sustainable materials, just like this jogger-style set by Eberjey.

best luxury gift men ideas him eberjey henry tencel modal long pj set - Luxe Digital

Montblanc passport holder

Time to seriously upgrade his travel gear, take a look at this premium leather passport holder from luxury house Montblanc. Crafted from leather that has a woven carbon effect on the surface, this Montblanc passport cover is a stylish essential for jet-setting gentlemen. It’ll keep his most important documents safe, secure, and pristine whilst traveling.

best gift for men luxury passport cover montblanc - Luxe Digital


A luxury passport holder to accompany him on his life journeys.

Koio Elba Slides

Slippers or slides—it’s hard to tell. But he’ll almost certainly wear them as both. And this is the one time that we’ll actually allow it. As one of our best slides for men, the Koio slides are simultaneously stylish and incomparably comfortable. 

Handcrafted in Italy from premium leather, the timeless black silhouette is effortlessly sophisticated. Whilst the padded sole is likely the only thing he’ll want to slide into over warm Summertime evenings. We’ll take two, please—one for me and one for you.

best luxury gift men ideas him koio elba - Luxe Digital

Citizen Military watch

For a rugged look with a comfortable fit, this military-inspired timepiece fits the bill. with a day-date indicator and luminous hands. The black dial provides a backdrop for simple Arabic numerals, housed in a stainless steel case along with a woven green strap with patterned stitching and a buckle clasp.

Take a look at our selection of the best field watches, aviator watches, and tactical watches for more military-inspired options.

best gift for men citizen watch - Luxe Digital


A great value gift for a man who appreciates traditional watches.

Vincero Men’s Necklace

Simple and sophisticated, he’ll never take it off. Jewelry will forever be one of our best luxury gifts for men and women. And whilst many accessory brands typically target women, we love Vincero Collectives box chain necklace for men.

The everyday piece adds a subtle elevation to any ensemble. And designed to last a lifetime, the timeless aesthetic adds a romantic allure. Whether he’s working long days at the office or living abroad, this gold chain necklace is a sentimental way to have him hold you close to his heart from near or afar.

best luxury gift men ideas him vinceroco box chain necklace - Luxe Digital

Horizn Studios Travel Hoodie

For frequent travelers, you just don’t get a better gift than this high-performing travel hoodie by Horizn Studios.

The temperature-regulating fabrics combat unexpected airplane air conditioning settings. And the breathable materials are designed to prevent odor, making this the closest to feeling fresh that we’ve felt after a long flight. 

The versatile hood features integrated pillow-like cushioning. Whilst the fold-out sleep mask (sans elasticated straps) is incomparably comfortable.

best luxury gift men ideas him horizn studios travel hoodie - Luxe Digital

Samsung Galaxy buds 2

If he’s using an Android phone and enjoys listening to music or podcast, this is the best gift for him.

These brand new earbuds from Samsung pack a punch. They offer up to six hours of battery life, a premium quality sound tuned by AKG, and will let him control how much surrounding noise he wants to hear with Ambient Aware. Included in the box are three adjustable ear tips and wingtip sizes to make sure they fit him just right.

We constantly review the latest earbuds coming out. Check our premium selection of the absolute best wireless earbuds for more ideas.

best gift for men samsung galaxy buds earphone - Luxe Digital


The best gift for the music-geek man.

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean electric toothbrush

This super stylish electric toothbrush is the absolute best to take care of his teeth. The Philips electric toothbrush comes with innovative sonic technology. The Sonicare ExpertClean moves the electric toothbrush head with 62,000 gentle movements per minute. That’s more movement a minute than a manual toothbrush achieves in 1 whole month.

best gift for men philips sonicare expertclean 7500 - Luxe Digital


A next-level brushing experience.

Sonos One smart speaker

The latest generation of the best-selling Sonos One smart speaker is a powerful smart speaker with voice control built-in. It’s also very stylish and looks handsome in any home. This is a great gift for a man who likes to host dinner parties or just enjoys listening to quality music at home. Best of all, he’ll be able to pair it with other Sonos speakers if he wants to expand his sound system in the future.

We have a dedicated guide to the best bookshelf speakers to help you find the best model for him.

best gift for men sonos one smart speaker - Luxe Digital


A great gift for a man who likes to host dinner parties.

High-end Nespresso machine by Breville

There is coffee, and then there is Nespresso coffee. If you want a gift for a man who enjoys a warm cup of coffee every morning, this high-end Nespresso machine built by Breville is perfect. It comes in different colors, but we particularly like this chrome finish. Other versions are available in our selection of the best espresso machines too.

With this machine, he’ll be able to create barista grade brewed for a single-serve at the touch of a single button. It will remind him of you every time he’s off to a great start in the morning.

best gift for men nespress coffee machine - Luxe Digital


Give him a smooth morning wake-up.

Heavy-duty outdoors cooler

If you want a gift for a man who likes the outdoors, look no further. This high-end steel-belted cooler is both sturdy and handsome. Its classic design is timeless, and it’s built to last. It comes in different sizes and colors and delivers heavy-duty cooler features, its insulation offers 4-day ice retention in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit! Plenty enough to keep his beer fresh till the end of the day.

best gift for men outdoors cooler - Luxe Digital

Aesop premium skincare routine

Help him look his best even through the toughest of mornings with this cleansing and soothing hydration by premium natural beauty brand Aesop. The kit comes in a beautiful gift box and includes everything he’ll need to care for his skin: a purifying facial cream cleanser, a balancing toner, and a facial hydrating cream to finish it up.

Trust us, he’ll thank you for this!

best gift men premium aesop skincare - Luxe Digital


Classic skincare kit

Megaboom Portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Possibly the best gift for a young man who likes to host parties at home, this Bluetooth speaker delivers impressive sound in a light and portable format. It’s also fully waterproof, so we can take it to a pool party without having to worry. Available in different colors. Check our selection of the best Bluetooth speakers for a complete buying guide.

best gift for men megaboom portable waterproof bluetooth speaker - Luxe Digital

The best luxury gifts for men when money is no object

Now we’re talking! The gifts below are more meaningful investments. They are to be reserved for the most important men in your life: your dad, your husband, your brother, or any man who really deserves to be splurged with an expensive present.

These are the gifts for the impossible man. The luxury gifts for the men who have everything. If the recipient is the kind of man who buys stuff as soon as he wants them, you need to put extra thinking behind your present to offer a thoughtful gift.

Browse below for our favorite luxury gifts for men.

The Pioneer watch by Nordgreen

One of our favorite luxury watch brands, up-and-coming Nordic watch manufacturer Nordgreen is a minimalist dream. Designed in Denmark by world-renowned Jakob Wagner with a timeless Scandinavian feel, each of their versatile watches can be worn from work to the weekend. And with our exclusive discount code, you can enjoy it at 15% off. Just use code LUXEDIGITAL at checkout to redeem your discount.

Nordgreen’s The Pioneer comes in a beautiful gift box. You can upgrade to a bundle with two additional straps if you want to give him more style options.

And if you love brands that do good and give back as much as we do, know that: Nordgreen is fully carbon-neutral. Plus, they make you an integral part of their give-back initiatives. Using the serial and identification numbers found on the watch you purchase, he’ll be able to pick one of three charity initiatives supported by Nordgreen to donate a percentage of his gift’s value. At no extra cost to you or him.

A watch brand that makes a positive impact on people, the planet, and his personal style? Yes, please.

best luxury gift men nordgreen watch - Luxe Digital

Vincero Commuter Backpack

If he’s still traumatized by being forced to double strap in his kindergarten days, this Vincero Collective commuter backpack is an unparalleled opportunity to redeem the humble carryall.

The sleek urban-inspired design is beautifully bully-proof. Whilst the internal organization would make your mama proud. The waterproof lining and zippers have superhero qualities as they protect your tech from unexpected downpours. And made from 100% recycled nylon, you’d be gifting both your man and Mother Earth with this sustainably stylish Vincero backpack.

best luxury gift men ideas him vincero commuter - Luxe Digital

Randolph Premium Sunglasses

Give him a piece of history with one foot in the future by choosing a pair of premium sunglasses from Randolph. The brand crafts frames to precise and rigorous military specifications, designed to fit comfortably under headgear. No wonder Randolph’s aviators caught the eyes of US Air Force and Army pilots for decades.

They come in all shapes and sizes, including collections for Autumn and Winter, in addition to the classic Spring and Summer styles.

There’s a good reason why Randolph’s glasses are our favorite sunglasses for men. They are beautifully made and lightweight yet exceptionally strong and resistant to daily abuse. This is a pair he’ll keep forever.

best gift men premium randolph sunglasses - Luxe Digital

Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket

Hitting that elusive sweet spot between rugged and smoothe, this Flint and Tinder trucker jacket will make him feel like the bear-wrestling man he aspires to be—but with a slightly more polished aesthetic. 

Made in the US, the waxed canvas construction is water resistant, weather-bearing and warmly insulating. And the soft-silhouette, lined with a blanket-like interior can be worn with just a tee or over multiple layers. 

Tough and timeless, this trendy trucker only gets better with age. But don’t worry we won’t say— you can save the simile for your card.

best gifts men flint and tinder waxed trucker jacket luxe digital

Gucci Jacquard Cashmere Scarf

Many birthdays and Christmas’ later, your gift ideas for him are bound to thin out. And whilst you’ve likely already gifted multiple leather accessories, we highly doubt he’s received a Gucci cashmere scarf yet.

In typical Gucci fashion, the irresistibly soft fabric is impossibly luxurious and responsibly sourced. And the iconic black monogram contrasted against a gray silhouette is both versatile and stylish. We know it may seem unlikely to spoil the man who has already has it all. But who’d be surprised by just how much joy this thoughtful gift brings him.

best luxury gift men ideas him gucci gg cashmere jacquard scarf luxe digital

Harber London Nomad Organizer

Whether it’s just for him or secretly for you too—this Harper London nomad organizer is a winner for all parties involved. And engineered to store every essential in one place, you’ll never be asked to frantically search the house for missing keys or chords again.

The adjustable straps transform from backpack to messenger bag depending on the occasion. And various colorways are all timelessly trendy and effortlessly versatile.

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Montblanc Meisterstück LeGrand platinum-plated ballpoint pen

The perfect mix of tradition and modernity, this handsome platinum-plated ballpoint pen designed by luxury brand Montblanc is an absolute pleasure to use. If he enjoys writing and appreciates thoughtfully designed objects, a Montblanc pen should be at the top of your gift list.

best gift for men montblanc pen - Luxe Digital


A thoughtful gift for men who enjoy fine objects.

Naked Cashmere Jake Hoodie

Replacing the hoodie you stole from his cupboard is a win for all. But, this irresistibly soft Naked Cashmere iteration won’t stay his for much longer unless you get yourself one too—that’s our excuse anyway. Made from Naked Cashmere’s signature sustainable cashmere, this underrated zip-up is one of our best hoodies for men. The relaxed-yet-refined silhouette flaunts an uncanny ability to elevate your Netflix & Chill routine even more. Whilst optional monogramming stakes his claim to the not-so-humble hoodie.

best luxury gift men ideas him naked cashmere jake hoodie - Luxe Digital

Rimowa Leather Briefcase

Smooth and suave, this one’s a winner for all Harvey Spector aspirationalists. The Rimowa briefcase is crafted from premium materials such as canvas and full-grain leather. And made in Italy, the impeccable attention to detail pays homage to the country’s artisanal craftsmanship.

The interior zipped compartments and padded laptop slip are carefully considered. Whilst a convenient travel strap secures effortlessly onto your carry-on. Engineered to seal countless deals, we can’t think of a better way to say that you back your man than this boardroom-ready briefcase.

best luxury gift men ideas him rimowa briefcase - Luxe Digital

LIV Men’s Swiss Sports Watch

If jewelry holds the key to a woman’s heart, this LIV GX1-A Cobalt holds the key to a man’s with its 26-jewel Swiss automatic movement. 

Coloring inside the lines of Haute Horlogerie quality-wise—think Swiss-made and Swiss-powered watches handcrafted with magnificent materials that last—but with a more approachable price tag, LIV dials up the allure of time-honored timepieces with bolder, standout designs. And we love them for it. Check our in-depth LIV Swiss Watches review to see why.

best luxury gift men ideas him liv gx1 a swiss made 26 jewels automatic - Luxe Digital

Burberry Trafalgar Umbrella

Whilst most of us like pina coladas, very few of us actually enjoy gettin’ caught in the rain. Enter: Burberry’s Trafalgar umbrella.

The classical check print is a countryside classic. Whilst the designer aesthetic serves as both a utilitarian staple and an elegant accessory. It’s large enough to comfortably cover you and a friend. But the compact cover makes it effortless to pop into his briefcase, just in case. This timeless umbrella by Burberry is the kind of practical accessory that’ll make him want to walk to work in the rain—even just to show off his latest gift.

best luxury gift men ideas him burberry trafalgar check print nylon umbrella - Luxe Digital

Tom Ford Wrap Bracelet

Marrying rugged masculinity with elegant finesse, this is one of the best men’s bracelets and one of our best luxury gifts for him. As one of the most famous designers, Tom Ford is a spoil for any man with an eye for fashion. And this timeless wrap bracelet is the perfect way to do it.

The leather-plaited silhouette is designed with versatility in mind. Whilst the exaggerated gold T-bar adds a subtle shine to any ensemble. This everyday bracelet wraps around most wrists several times for a less-delicate, chunky aesthetic. Yet with a designer’s touch, it remains effortlessly polished and on-point.

best luxury gift men ideas him tom ford woven leather and gold plated wrap bracelet - Luxe Digital

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot

These boots were made for…wrapping? And that’s just what we’ll do. Ok, so boots are a slightly more risky gift. But when they look this good, it’s hard to imagine any man not falling in love with them. 

As one of our best pairs of Chelsea boots for men, Oliver Cabell certainly lives up to the cult-favorite brand name with these suede iterations. The traditional ankle-length design, pull-up tag, and elasticated sides pay homage to the style’s British heritage. Whilst the Italian crepe outsole adds a contemporary edge. The black silhouette lends itself to a myriad of styling options. And we can already see him living in these Oliver Cabell Chelseas for many Winters and Falls to come.

Read our hands-on Oliver Cabell sneakers review to learn more about the brand’s shoes.

best luxury gift men ideas him oliver cabell chelsea boot - Luxe Digital

Canada Goose Fleece Pullover

When he says all he wants this year is a hug, what he actually means is all he wants is this Canada Goose fleece pullover. Manifesting the unparalleled comfort of a warm embrace, the recycled wool and bio-based fibers caress the planet as well as the wearer. 

The interior lining features a soft jersey knit against the skin. The zipped chest pocket conveniently fits most Smartphones. And the kangaroo pockets keep hands warm in icy climates. Chances are, he’s already mentioned Canada Goose at the top of his list. We’re just here to remind you.

best luxury gift men ideas him canada goose renfrew kind fleece pullover - Luxe Digital

Unagi folding electric scooter

Unagi’s The Model One is the best electric scooter on the market for adults and the best gift for a man who has a long walk to work every morning. This electric scooter comes in four different colors and is lightweight, easily foldable, and striking when on the move. No wonder it’s claiming the top spot on our list of the best electric scooters of the year.

Its aluminum and carbon fiber makeup helps you to glide along the road in a slim, portable fashion that works for both commuting and journeying for pleasure. A powerful battery will take him to a maximum speed of 20 mph for a range of 15.5 miles. Undoubtedly one of the swishest electric scooters on the market, Unagi is the tonic to many other clunky designs. We have a dedicated in-depth Unagi scooter review if you’re interested to learn more about the brand.

best gift for men unagi model one electric scooter - Luxe Digital


Help him get from A to Z quickly and safely.

Bose noise-canceling wireless headphones

These high-end noise-canceling wireless headphones aren’t for everyone. If he likes to listen to music and is often on the plane, they will be the perfect gift. With a streamlined design and built with a lightweight stainless-steel headband, this pair of headphones is so comfortable he might forget he has them on. That’s until he turns up the volume and is immediately transposed with the premium sound performance. With 11 levels of noise-canceling, he’ll also be able to finely tune off distractions or let ambient sound in if he prefers.

Take a look at the other best wireless headphones on the market today to find the pair that’s perfect for him.

best gift for men bose noise cancelling wireless headphones - Luxe Digital


The ultimate luxury wireless headphones.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world. Period. If he has an iPhone but doesn’t have this watch yet, this is a great gift for a special occasion.

With a new and larger screen and a fast-charging battery, the Apple Watch Series 8 is easier than ever to use. It will help him monitor his health, stay fit, and stay always connected (with you?).

best gifts men luxury apple watch 7 - Luxe Digital


The absolute best smartwatch of the year.

Hover-1 Electric Hoverboard

An even more portable option than the foldable scooter, this electric hoverboard is great for a short commute. Manufactured by Hover-1, the brand that first brought the product to market, the electric hoverboard can reach speeds of up to 7. 45 mph for a fun, stable ride.

best gift for men hover 1 hoverboard - Luxe Digital


Transport him to the future.

Apple AirPods Pro 2

The Apple AirPods Pro 2 wireless earphones are the latest generation of high-end earphones from Apple. They are quite simply the best earbuds you can get if he uses an iPhone.

With their updated design, the AirPods Pro 2 are more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The tech inside offers unparalleled sound quality. It’s the best gift for a man who takes his music on the go seriously and wants a premium sound experience.

best gift men apple airpods pro - Luxe Digital

Sony α7R IV full-frame camera

The Sony α7R IV Full-frame camera is a great gift for a man who enjoys photography outdoors or at home. Its lightweight and portable body make it an ideal companion for a long day of walking. Its picture quality makes it one of the best cameras available on the market today. No wonder it has become the must-have camera for YouTubers and adventurers alike.

best gift for men sony α7R IV full frame camera - Luxe Digital


The best digital camera of the year.

Sonos Play ultimate wireless speaker

If he enjoys listening to high-resolution music at home, the Sonos Play is the best gift for him. This is the biggest and best-sounding speaker from the brand, featuring six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers. It’s so powerful that it will fill even the largest rooms with pure, brilliant sound. He’ll be able to pair this speaker with additional speakers to extend his sound system throughout his home.

best gift for men sonos play speaker - Luxe Digital


An Amazon best-selling gift, also available in white.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute watch

The Reverso hand-wound watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre is a superb tribute to their classic and timeless design. If you want a gift to celebrate a special anniversary with your husband or a milestone for your dad, this is a beautiful option. Crafted with the signature Art Deco-inspired geometric case, the watch has a navy sunray dial and slim rhodium-plated markers that are purposely minimal so the second-counting subdial appears to be floating. It’s fitted with a tonal alligator strap that slowly molds to his wrist over time for the utmost comfort.

best gift for men jaeger lecoultrereversotribute watch - Luxe Digital


One of the most beautiful luxury mechanical watches of the year.

Cartier Santos 18-karat gold watch

If you’re looking for a luxury watch with a strong presence for a bold look, this handsome 18-karat gold watch by Cartier is a great gift. The timepiece is named after Mr. Alberto Santos Dumont, the Brazilian pilot who asked his friend Monsieur Louis Cartier to design him a personalized watch that would allow him to easily check the time while flying. Engineered in 1904, the Swiss-made ‘Santos’ has become one of the brand’s most iconic designs.

best gift for men cartier tank gold watch - Luxe Digital


When tradition meets modernity.

Luxury gift guide for men: How to find the perfect gift for him?

Over the years, we’ve received many questions from our readers on how to find the best gift for men. Our first answer is always to ask who exactly the gift is for and what’s your relationship with him. Is it a gift for your dad? Your husband or a boyfriend? Or just for your best friend?

Next, you need to think carefully about your relationship with the man you want to offer a present to. What does he like? Is there something that would be useful in his day-to-day life or bring joy to his routine but that he wouldn’t buy for himself?

To help you along the way, here are our answers to the questions most often asked to our team:

What is the best gift for a man?

The best gift for a man is something that’s both thoughtful and useful. Something that symbolizes your relationship with him. A gift that he wouldn’t buy for himself but that will be memorable and practical.

What to get a man that has everything?

The best gift for men who already have everything and for whom money is no problem is tough to find. Think about experiences and items that they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

What are good small gifts for guys?

The best small gift for guys include fragrances, accessories such as belts, ties, and socks, but also games or small tech gadgets such as earphones or wireless speakers.

What should I gift my boyfriend on his birthday?

To find the best birthday gift for men, consider your budget first. Are you looking for a present under $100? Can you stretch your budget higher? What does he need in his day-to-day life that would make a difference and remind him of you every time he uses it? Look at our list of the best gifts for men and find the idea.

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