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Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good stroll to dust off the cobwebs and feel refreshed. In Pittsburgh, visitors and locals love to take the many trails in and around the city. Pittsburgh has been nicknamed Bridge City for its astounding 446 bridges, so urban walks are a wonderful way to see the city while enjoying expansive views across the Ohio River. We’ve put together a nice mix of both natural and urban walks to suit any preference – here are seven of the best walks in Pittsburgh.

1. Hollow Oak Loop

Length: 3.2 miles

This is a lovely loop around the Montour Woods Conservation Area. It’s a pretty trail but it’s particularly beautiful in the autumn when the foliage bursts into fiery reds and oranges. The trail is also well-maintained, but you might want to download a map to ensure you don’t get lost along the way. It’s a moderately challenging walk so there is some elevation and some ups and downs, but all-in-all it’s a very pleasant walk.

2. Frick Park Loop

Length: 4.9 miles

This loop through Frick Park offers up some incredible nature views, it’s one of the most loved walks in Pittsburgh. It’s a moderately challenging walk with ups and downs, but ultimately a fun, wholesome walk. Dogs are more than welcome on this walk, just make sure they’re kept on their lead.

walks in pittsburgh

3. Falls Ravine to South Clayton Loop

Length: 2 miles

This is another loop through Frick Park – the park is huge, with several trails, so you can always join onto another one and extend your walk. It’s a peaceful place, beautifully green with lots of trees and foliage. It can get quite muddy, so be sure to wear sensible shoes if it’s recently been training. Dogs are welcome to join you but be sure to keep them on their lead.

walks in pittsburgh

4. Emerald View Trail

Length: 2.3 miles

This is a nice, fun walk with a mix of urban and natural landscapes. It does get quite steep at one point but it’s worth it for the overlook. The view of downtown Pittsburgh makes it all worth it, and then you continue through an enchanting, winding forest trail.

5. Schenley Park Double Loop

Length: 5 miles

This loop through Schenley Park is nice and easy. Plus, it’s right in the city, so it’s a great choice for someone who isn’t looking to drive to reach the start of a walk, or who just wants a quick jaunt. It’s a well-maintained, wide, smooth path, perfectly accessible for those with strollers, wheelchair users, or small children. There are several lakes and ponds here too.

6. Meeks Run and Oil Well Trail Loop

Length: 1.8 miles

This loop through the Montour Woods Conservation Area is a short and sweet Pittsburgh walk. Particularly beautiful when the leaves start to change, and the path is surrounded by towering trees and pretty foliage. It’s also quite a shaded path, so perfectly cool if you’re taking the walk in the warmer months. Keep an eye out for the small waterfall, too. All-in-all, this is a pretty, peaceful walk.

7. Allegheny North Shore: Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Length: 6.2 miles

This riverside trail traverses through the Southside Riverfront Park, presenting visitors with gorgeous views. It might seem long at just over 6 miles, but it’s an easy, smooth trail that will go by quicker than you think. It’s a beautiful way to start the weekend, with a mix of urban and natural landscapes.

walks in pittsburgh