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When you think about it, do you know anyone that doesn’t own at least one sweatshirt? Some like them for workouts, others prefer them for their durability while doing yard work. Some lean towards comfy sweatshirts for lounging, while others are going to jump at graphic sweatshirts for the swank designer styling. The point is, if you’ve been thinking of men’s sweatshirts as just one thing, you’ve been missing out.

Let’s start with the obvious. Sweatshirts are a blessing for the athletically inclined. Even plain sweatshirts will keep you warm on chilly days, and help you warm up muscles before the real work begins. But athletic gear has improved by leaps and bounds since the classic cotton sweatshirt. Today’s sweatshirts for men are designed with the athlete’s body in mind, allowing for more stretchiness, moisture wicking, and freedom of movement than ever before.

Of course, sweatshirts have always been a staple of comfortable layering. Hooded sweatshirts are one of the go-to wardrobe pulls for sitting around an autumn fire, or taking your favorite four-footed pal for a walk when the air turns crisp.

The category that may really surprise you is the designer set of sweatshirts. Big-name design houses have really put some effort into transforming your essential sweatshirts into something that will boost your loungewear up to a whole new level. So take a gander below, and let’s find you some new cool sweatshirts that will add some fresh life to your casual-wear wardrobe.

# Brand Best for
1 Axel Arigato Best overall
2 Thom Browne Best designer
3 Nike Best value
4 Luca Faloni Best cashmere 
5 Allbirds  Best plain
6 Gucci Best graphic
7 On Running Best for workout
8 Champion Best vintage
9 Brooklinen Best for lounging
10 Alpha Industries Best basic
11 Adidas Best casual
12 The North Face Best crewneck
13 Ami Paris Best organic cotton
14 Alo Yoga Most comfortable
15 Axel Arigato Polo Best polo
16 Carhartt Best half-zip
17 Hugo Boss Best zip-up
18 Brunello Cucinelli Best zip-up cashmere
19 Allbirds Hoodie Best hooded
20 Orlebar Brown Best short sleeves
21 Asos Design Best oversized
22 Save Khaki United Best soft
23 Fruit Of The Loom Best budget

Axel Arigato: Overall best men’s sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men axel arigato review - Luxe Digital

If you’re going to spring for just one of the trendy sweatshirts on our list, we’d recommend focusing on Axel Arigato’s sweatshirt. Featuring a relaxed fit, this sweatshirt is perfect for lounging, especially if you match it up with your most comfortable shorts and an easy-breezy pair of slip-on slides.

Best for: Making “no sweat” into a way of life.

Colors: Pale Beige, Black, Green + More 
Material: Cotton 

Thom Browne Striped Jersey Sweatshirt: Best designer sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men thom browne review - Luxe Digital

Looking for the perfect sweatshirt for layering? Check out Thom Browne’s striped Jersey sweatshirt. The gentle grey is appealing enough to peer out from underneath an open bomber jacket, but revealing those white stripes makes this a dandy top to match with a snazzy pair of white sneakers.

Best for: Designing your perfect comfortable and casual outfit.

Colors: Gray, Midnight Blue
Material: Cotton 

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece: Best value men’s sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men nike sportswear club review - Luxe Digital

We know it’s a bit of a cliché to say something is a steal, but really, the price of Nike’s Sportswear Club fleece crew sweatshirt is so reasonable that it almost feels like you’re getting away with something. Pull one of these sweatshirts on along with your favorite athletic sneakers, and you’re good to go… and go… and go.

Best for: Pushing your limits, not your wallet.

Colors: Rough Green 
Material: Cotton, Polyester 

Luca Faloni Cashmere Crew Neck: Best cashmere crewneck sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men luca faloni cashmere crew review - Luxe Digital

You wouldn’t necessarily think that a sweatshirt could match sweaters when it comes to comfort. Designer Luca Faloni wants to change your mind by introducing this cashmere crew neck sweatshirt. The two-ply cashmere is soft as all get out, and the tailoring is swank enough to work in dressier situations.

Best for: Redefining sweatshirts with cashmere comfort.

Colors: Navy Blue, Lava Red, Dolomiti Grey + More
Material: Cashmere 

Allbirds R & R Sweatshirt: Best plain sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men allbirds review - Luxe Digital

If you’re looking to layer then consider going with a plain sweatshirt, one that lets other pieces from your wardrobe take center stage. Allbirds’ R & R sweatshirt does minimalism right—the monotone approach works as a solid outfit base, but the sharp tailoring lets this sweatshirt also stand on its own as an outer layer. 

Best for: Launching yourself into multiple outfit looks.

Colors: Natural White, Terracotta, Hazy Sienna + More
Material: Cotton, Hemp, Lyocell

Gucci Interlocking G Star Sweatshirt: Best graphic men’s sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men gucci review - Luxe Digital

If you want your sweatshirt to be the star of your outfit, you’re not going to do better than Gucci’s Interlocking G Star sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is the definition of an attention-grabber with its bright purple coloring and that big and bold double Gucci G front and center.

Best for: Being the star attraction.

Colors: Purple
Material: Cotton

On Running Crew Neck: Best workout sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts on running review - Luxe Digital

The athletic designers at On Running always impress us with their athletic wear. They keep up their impressive pace with this crew neck sweatshirt, which sports a wider hem that grants runners more than the usual amount of room found in the lower halves of athletic sweatshirts.

Best for: Putting a sweatshirt through its paces.

Colors: Navy, Sea, Cobalt
Material: Cotton

Champion’s Fleece Crew: Best men’s vintage sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men champion review - Luxe Digital

Champion has been around for a hundred years, and will probably make it to another hundred. They consistently offer up quality old-school athletic gear, like the fleece crew sweatshirt, which sports a cotton and polyester blend that will take heaps of abuse and keep on performing.

Best for: Being a champion of tough athletic gear.

Colors: Black, Red Stone, Green Reef + More
Material: Cotton, Polyester  

Brooklinen Classon Sweatshirt: Best men’s sweatshirt for lounging

best sweatshirts men brooklinen review - Luxe Digital

We all need a lazy day from time to time, in order to recharge our internal batteries. Cue Brooklinen, a designer renowned for its highly-praised collection of sheets and bedding. They’ve taken all of that blissful luxury lounging know-how and applied it to the Brooklinen’s Classon sweatshirt. This handsome fellow is a perfect fit for “Me Days”, thanks to the hint of Spandex that allows the Classon to stretch with you rather than hemming you in—encouraging you to relax to your fullest.

Best for: Maxing out your relaxation.

Colors: Black, Dusty Blue, Sage
Material: Cotton, Modal, Spandex

Alpha Industries Essential Crewneck: Best basic sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men alpha industries review - Luxe Digital

Boost your jacket’s appeal by leaving it open to reveal Alpha Industries’ essential crewneck underneath. The minimalist approach and monotone coloring is going to make the detailing of your favorite jacket or coat really pop. 

Best for: Being your best jacket’s wingman.

Colors: Replica Blue, Black, Medium Charcoal Heather
Material: Cotton 

Adidas Adicolor Essentials Crewneck: Best men’s casual sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men adidas adicolor essentials review - Luxe Digital

You’re going to the pub, hanging out with your friends. No big deal, but you still want to look like you know what you’re doing fashion-wise. Give Adidas’ Adicolor essential crewnecks a go. These sweatshirts are tailored simply enough to keep with the casual atmosphere, but look sharp enough so that you don’t look sloppy.

Best for: Creating a cool casual look.

Colors: Black, Bliss Pink, Magic Grey + More
Material: Cotton, Recycled Polyester Fleece 

The North Face Standard Crewneck: Best crewneck sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men the north face review - Luxe Digital

The North Face is a company that prides itself on making durable clothing and gear for hardy outdoorsy folks. The designer’s standard crewneck is a good example of why. The 100% cotton composition is built to last through busy days of outdoor chores or time spent exploring a wooded path with your friends. 

Best for: Enduring whatever Mother Nature throws at you, and then some.

Colors: Black
Material: Cotton 

Ami Paris Ami De Coeur Sweatshirt: Best organic cotton sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men ami paris ami de coeur review - Luxe Digital

Ami Paris gives the Ami De Coeur sweatshirt that little extra something that elevates it above most other sweatshirts. The organic cotton and the gentle coloring (we especially like the beige) speak of softness, but the detailing on the back, with an almost jacket-like design, is what really makes this one stand out from the pack.

Best for: Treating yourself to the best, organically.

Colors: Beige, Pale Pink, Heather Grey + More
Material: Cotton 

Alo Qualifier Crewneck: Most comfortable men’s sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men alo yoga review - Luxe Digital

Comfort is obviously a great big deal in conversations about sweatshirts. The top of the comfort heap is Alo’s Qualifier crewneck, featuring the tactile wonder that is French terry. This top also features a relaxed fit, making for a sweatshirt that works both for athletics and for just lounging around the home.  

Best for: Cultivating ultimate comfort.

Colors: Athletic Heather Grey, Black Slub
Material: Cotton 

Axel Arigato Signature Polo Sweatshirt: Best polo sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirtsmen axel arigato signature review - Luxe Digital

Time to put a little prep in your step. The styling of Axel Arigato’s signature Polo sweatshirt gives it an extra air of preppiness lacking in most sweatshirts. That means you can use it to upgrade casual pants like joggers, jeans, or cargos, or you can also make it work quite well with more upscale bottoms for dressier social occasions. 

Best for: Upping your sweatshirt appeal with the power of preppiness.

Colors: Black
Material: Cotton 

Carhartt WIP Chase Sweatshirt: Best half-zip men’s sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men carhartt review - Luxe Digital

Carhartt is generally known for making durable working-man’s gear. The WIP Chase sweatshirt is no exception to that rule, thanks to the cotton and polyester blend. But don’t ya dare think that just because it’s durable it doesn’t have any flash, which this top clearly does. And that half-zip front gives you the opportunity to show off a flashy t-shirt the next layer down.

Best for: Zipping half-way, feeling fashionably inspired all the way.

Colors: Navy Blue, Brown, Grey Heather
Material: Cotton, Polyester 

Hugo Boss Zip-up Sweatshirt: Best zip-up sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men hugo boss review - Luxe Digital

Hugo Boss keeps making their way onto our fashion lists for the simple reason that they have the ability to make everything look sharp. Part of their collaboration with Porsche, this Hugo Boss zip-up sweatshirt is inspired by the world-renowned curves of Porsche sports cars. If you want to put the pedal to the medal in upping your style game, this is the sweatshirt to do it in.

Best for: Looking like you’re moving at 1,000 mph even when you’re standing still.

Colors: Black
Material: Cotton, Polyester 

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Zip: Best men’s cashmere zip-up sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men brunello cucinelli review - Luxe Digital

You have the full zip-up front for optimal temperature control. But then you also have that 100% cashmere softness. That amazing combination blends together into Brunello Cucinelli’s cashmere zip-up, which is one of the greatest luxury sweatshirts you’re ever going to slip on.

Best for: Making sweatshirt dreams into a reality.

Colors: Blue
Material: Cashmere 

Allbirds R & R Hoodie: Best hooded sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts men allbirds hoodie review - Luxe Digital

Whether you’re fully at rest or you’re on the run, Allbirds’ R & R hoodie will do the job with style. At rest—the solid coloring and simple hoodie design makes for an easy match with just about any bottom and shoes you care to throw at it. On the run—the hemp and TENCEL lyocell will keep you cool as you heat up.

Best for: Checking under the hood for the ultimate sweatshirt qualities. 

Colors: Natural White, Hazy Sienna, Hazy Cargo + More
Material: Cotton, Hemp, Lyocell 

Orlebar Brown Bursis: Best short-sleeved sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts orlebar brown review - Luxe Digital

Some athletic pursuits get a whole lot easier if you don’t have to constantly pull your sleeves out of the way of your hands. Or, you could just eliminate the sleeves altogether and end up with a good-looking sweatshirt, like the Bursis from Orlebar Brown. And if you’re going casual instead of athletic, the Bursis is a great opportunity to show off an eye-catching watch.

Best for: Keeping it short, simple, and spectacular.

Colors: Black
Material: Cotton, Polyester  

Asos Design Oversized Sweatshirt: Best men’s oversized sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men asos design review - Luxe Digital

Oversized sweatshirts are one of the most relaxed outer layers men can have. When it looks as good as Asos Design’s black acid-wash sweatshirt, it’s having the best of both the comfort and the fashion worlds. Pro tip—the velvety look of this oversized sweatshirt would serve as an excellent backdrop for some shiny neck bling, just like a jeweler’s cushion. 

Best for: Moving from the golf clubhouse to the club without missing a stroke.

Colors: Black
Material: Cotton, Spandex 

Save Khaki United Jersey Sweatshirt: Best soft sweatshirt for men

best sweatshirts save khaki united review - Luxe Digital

Supima cotton, like that found in Save Khaki’s United Jersey sweatshirt, represents less than 1% of the cotton grown around the world. It’s probably for the best; if all sweatshirts were made out of the stuff, nobody would do anything but lounge around all day. It’s that kind of soft.

Best for: Surrounding yourself in Supima softness.

Colors: Gray, Blue
Material: Cotton 

Fruit Of The Loom Eversoft Sweatshirt: Best men’s budget sweatshirt

best sweatshirts men fruit loom review - Luxe Digital

No need to make your budget bleed in order to get your hands on quality sweatshirts. Good old Fruit of the Loom provides the classic Eversoft sweatshirts at a very reasonable price. These sweatshirts will stick around with you forever, which makes them an amazing investment.

Best for: Nabbing your forever-sweatshirt.

Colors: Grey Heather, Safety Orange, Maroon + More
Material: Cotton, Fleece 

Frequently asked questions about men’s sweatshirts

What is a sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts were originally athletically-oriented thick cotton shirts to be worn in cooler weather or for warming up and cooling down. They are now also worn casually, and some designers use other materials in their tailoring. They can be a pull-over or a zip-up.

What are the best quality sweatshirts?

The North Face is known for building durable clothing and exploration gear, so we’d suggest giving their standard crewneck a try. You can check through our list of the best men’s sweatshirts for more ideas.

Which color is best for sweatshirts for men?

This is entirely a personal choice. Muted monotones are good for highlighting other flashier bits of clothing like a graphic t-shirt or a colorful jacket or pants. Eye-catching designs, like Gucci’s Interlocking G sweatshirt, will work best with muted pants. Designers like Fruit of the Loom offer Eversoft sweatshirts in multiple color options at affordable prices, allowing you to get more than one.

What is the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt?

The biggest difference between sweaters and sweatshirts is that sweaters are knitted or crocheted, while sweatshirts are machine-weaved. Additionally, the insides of sweatshirts usually have a fluffy nap, while sweaters have the same feel on both the inner and outer sides.