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They say you never really know a person until you walk a while in their shoes. Taking this to its next logical leap, with a little semantic gymnastics, does this also means that with the right shoe we can get the same feeling of contentment and style that comes with an Italian holiday? If it’s TOD’s new 1T sneaker it sure does.

The 1T is a hybrid sneaker that blends familiar codes of TOD’s iconic designs into the one shoe to create something that fits comfortably somewhere between formal and casual; between Florence and Calabria.

A sneaker that can make you feel like you’re in Florence? We’re in. Image: TOD’s.

The latest addition to TOD’s already impressively holiday-ready lineup of footwear features a maxi-pebble sole, a reinterpretation of the iconic Gommino loafer. Chunkier, with more height, the tread packs a fair bit of grunt. This is a nice departure from the paired back style that the Italian brand has been usually known for, a nod to the new direction the company has slowly been headed towards under its new Creative Director Walter Chiapponi. But it’s still undeniably TOD’s, with the surprisingly beefy sole paired with the sporty silhouette of a sneaker to create something that’s both unconventional and effortlessly cool.

Uppers of the 1T are made from leathers and technical fabrics that ensure both comfort and durability are balanced by TOD’s signature elegance. The TOD’s line has been undergoing a subtle reinvention recently, focusing on the combination of contemporary detail and tradition. With the 1T, this is the contrast of bold colourways – another signature Chiapponi touch.

TOD’s rep for creating shoes that represent the kind of casual luxury we all aspire to is pretty well known. Dessert boots, sneakers, driving shoes, and their essential loafers – every man with even a modicum of style should have at least one of these in his wardrobe. But the latest issue, the 1T, might be the one that trumps the lot. The cyborg of footwear that is the best of its parts.

Really, you owe it to yourself to get a pair.

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