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We love coffee. Seeing as you’re here, most likely you do too. The rich, irresistible aroma; the tempting way the crema swirls like molten lava on an espresso- not to mention the caffeine kick. Across all time zones, it’s the preferred way of starting the day.

Of course, there are plenty of high-quality coffee brands out there to quench our thirst for a hot cup of java. However, shopping for the best coffee brands might have you staring vacuously down a whole aisle packed top-to-bottom with fragrant bags of coffee beans, often hailing from far-off, exotic climes.

Costa Rican, Guatemalan, or Kenyan? Arabica or Robusta? Fine grind or coarse? If all these options leave you (quite understandably) perplexed, fear no more. With different brewing methods requiring different approaches, we’ve demystified the vast world of coffee, so you don’t have to. 

With our guide to the best coffee beans of the year, you can shop with poise and certainty. You can learn more about how to choose a good coffee at the end of this article.

The 15 best coffee beans

  1. Atlas Coffee Club: Best gourmet
  2. For Wellness: Best healthy coffee beans
  3. Starbucks Espresso: Best coffee beans for espresso
  4. Kicking Horse: Best decaf coffee beans
  5. Stone Street: Best tasting coffee brand
  6. Death Wish Coffee Company: Best dark roast
  7. Spirit Animal Coffee: Best organic coffee brand
  8. Stumptown Coffee Roaster: Best Arabica
  9. Trade Coffee: Best USA coffee brand
  10. Mayorga Organics: Best cold brew 
  11. Volcanica Coffee: Best Mexican 
  12. Sea Island: Best Hawaiian 
  13. Lavazza: Best Italian
  14. Don Francisco’s: Best-flavoured
  15. Caribou Coffee: Best light roast
  16. Nescafe Azera Intenso: Best instant coffee (Bonus)

Atlas Coffee Club: Best gourmet

best coffee beans brands atlas coffee club review - Luxe Digital

While “gourmet” has become a little ambiguous over the years— it still generally refers to a superior product created from the highest-grade ingredients. In the case of gourmet, or specialty coffee, you’ll typically expect 100% Arabica beans, culminating from a faultless process from cultivation through to roasting.

Atlas Coffee Club beans encompass that premium quality with their multi-award-winning small-batched roasts. We like their coffee so much that we wrote an in-depth Atlas Coffee Club review to help you decide if they’re the right brand for you.

Atlas Coffee Club prepares an espresso blend of premium quality Arabica beans sourced from all around the world. The small-batch method enables a level of control that is harder to achieve by mass production, so this is always a plus when it comes to choosing coffee beans.

Although particularly tasty when made in a French press, the blend can be used in normal coffee makers with the correct grind. Check our round-up of the best coffee grinders if you need the proper equipment to upgrade your coffee game.

For its versatility, premium quality, and attention to detail, we’ve rated Atlas Coffee Club as the best gourmet coffee on the market.

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Depending on the collection – Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, and Kenya.
Type: Single-origin
Coffee roast level: Medium Roasted
Recommended brew styles: French press

For Wellness: Best healthy coffee beans

best coffee beans brands for wellness review - Luxe Digital

Always on the lookout for the best coffee in the world? These healthy coffee beans by For Wellness are right up there. Developed by champion golfer, Phil Mickelson, the coffee beans are to preserve their natural antioxidants. And as a result, For Wellness coffee reduces stress and fatigue and increases cognitive function. 

But this isn’t your average elixir, For Wellness’ coffee also tastes fantastic. The high-quality coffee blend is made from 100% Arabica beans. The medium roast is surprisingly strong and aromatic without a bitter edge. While subtle notes of cinnamon add a soft spicy touch. 

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Africa and South America
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Medium Roasted
Recommended brew styles: French press, pour-over and drip brewer

Starbucks Espresso: Best coffee beans for espresso

best coffee beans brands starbucks espresso review - Luxe Digital

If you’ve visited Italy, you’ll know that the terms “espresso” and “caffe” are practically synonymous. Ask for a coffee, and you’ll likely get an espresso (unless you somehow convince the barista to make you something different.) 

Italians revere the rich, quality blend and consider tall, milky, sugary coffees to be inauthentic. And as frustrating as it may be to find a cappuccino in Lecce, we can kind of see why after trying the best espresso beans. With classical notes of rich molasses and a sultry caramel touch, Starbucks dark roast coffee is our best coffee for espresso. Simply prepare it with one of our best espresso machines for a home brew that tastes like you’re sitting on a terrace in Sicily. 

Pro tip: While many brands label its coffee “espresso beans”, espresso actually isn’t a type of bean, it’s a brewing method, meaning that any coffee bean can be called an espresso bean if you prepare it as such. What we actually mean when we call beans the “best espresso beans” is that they’re the best dark roast coffee beans. And therefore, they are best prepared as an espresso. 

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Latin America and Asian-Pacific
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Dark Roasted
Recommended brew styles: Drip brewer, coffee press, pour over and moka pot

Kicking Horse: Best decaf coffee beans

best coffee beans brands kicking horse review - Luxe Digital

Love a cup of good coffee, but can’t handle the caffeine? Kicking Horse has fresh decaf coffee beans to rival even in the best rocket fuel. This blend isn’t about receiving your daily caffeine kick, it’s purely about flavor and quality. 

Kicking Horse uses a high tech Swiss water process to eliminate the caffeine while retaining the quality of the bean. As one of the most sustainable coffee brands, the beans are grown in an eco-conscious and socially responsible environment. While hints of deep roasted hazelnut balanced with chocolatey notes allude to the decadence of the dark roasted whole bean. 

For an Italian-approved coffee, we recommend preparing Kicking Horse’s decaf beans in one of these superlative coffee machines. Or you could use one of these stellar drop coffee makers for a more customized experience. 

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Central and South America
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Dark Roasted
Recommended brew styles: French press, drip machine, pour-over, espresso and cold brew

Stone Street: Best tasting coffee brand

best coffee beans brands stone street tanzanian - Luxe Digital

‘Micro-roastery’ Stone Street, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, has been roasting cut-above coffee since 2009. Their crown jewel is the Tanzanian Peaberry ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’ whole bean coffee.

Displaying the quintessential characteristics of Kenyan coffee beans but with a milder acidity, the light-medium roast possesses a unique flavor. This is achieved by using the comparatively rare peaberry bean.

Never heard of it? That’s because only 10% of coffee is considered peaberry, making it highly desirable. The smaller beans deliver a distinguished flavor that is less overpowering than their conventional counterparts.

The full-bodied blend works happily with all the best coffee makers, although light-medium roasts tend to fare better in French press or drip coffee machines.

Perfect for bringing a fresh, fruity flavor to your palate, we’ve rated Stone Street as the best tasting coffee brand.

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Tanzania
Type: Single origin
Coffee roast level: Medium Roasted
Recommended brew styles: French Press

Death Wish Coffee: Best dark roast coffee brand

best coffee beans brands whole death wish - Luxe Digital

Touted as ‘The World’s Strongest Coffee’, the Death Wish whole bean coffee is also (perhaps surprisingly) Fair Trade and certified organic. For die-hard caffeine addicts for whom one is never enough, this super-strong coffee bean might just blow your head clean off (not literally, despite the name).

The human equivalent of putting rocket fuel in your car (don’t do that), the Death Wish whole bean coffee has double the caffeine of your average coffee. That’s around 600mg of caffeine in one cup. If that doesn’t wake you up, we don’t know what will. 

Again, it’s a whole bean so will require home grinding before you give your coffee machine the fright of its life. However, ground beans are available, in a slightly different blend of Black Insomnia.

Grown using organic methods and with sustainability principles at heart, the blend comprises both Arabica and Robusta beans. The smooth aftertaste embodies hints of chocolate, almond, and blueberries.

So, if the skull-and-bones packaging doesn’t scare you off, and you’re looking for a considerable pick-me-up to energize your day, this whole bean blend could be perfect.

Beans: Arabica and Robusta beans
Origin: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Medium Roasted
Recommended brew styles: French Press or Chemex

Spirit Animal Coffee: Best organic coffee brand

best coffee beans brands organic spirit animal review - Luxe Digital

From Honduras, at the heart of Central America, the Spirit Animal Coffee blend is crafted from beans grown on farms located at high altitudes where trees’ slower maturation allows more time for their fruit to reach optimal sweetness. The team then carefully selects the top 1% of beans, measuring their sweetness with a refractometer and hand-plucking only the fruits that qualify to create amazing coffee blends.

Known for their sweet and slightly acidic cherries, the result of the fusion is quite delicious. And, they’re organic. Never underestimate the power of organically-grown coffee beans. So, that’s a win-win if we ever saw one.

Spirit Animal Coffee roasts its beans to order which maximizes the freshness. They come in whole beans, so check which grind is best for your coffee maker. The coffee maker also makes sure to fairly pay their farmers so they can focus on what they do best: diligently and meticulously growing high-quality organic coffee beans.

The bittersweet aroma, medium-body, and organic production mean Spirit Animal Coffee blend proves itself as the best organic coffee to boot.

Beans: Parainema variety beans
Origin: Honduran
Type: Single origin
Coffee roast level: Medium Roasted
Recommended brew styles: Drip brewing

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Best Arabica coffee beans

best coffee beans brands stumptown coffee roasters review - Luxe Digital

Featuring the highest quality Arabica beans, Stumptown Coffee is one of our best whole bean coffee brands. Arabica beans come from the Coffea Arabica plant. They contain less caffeine than Robusta beans. And they taste a lot smoother and sweeter with hints of chocolate, fruit or berries. 

Our favorite Arabica beans? This Holler Mountain blend by Stumptown. Holler Mountain hits the elusive sweet spot between fresh and decadent. The organic medium roast perfectly balances citrus bombs with a sinful creamy caramel finish, making it a favorite amongst coffee aficionados and novices alike.  

Serve Stumptown alongside our best tea brands and mini bites to claim your title as high tea queen or king. 

Beans: Arabica Beans
Origin: Latin America and Indonesia
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Medium roasted
Recommended brew styles: Espresso, pour over and cold brew

Trade Coffee: Best USA coffee brand

best coffee beans brands USA trade review - Luxe Digital

While coffee houses existed and were somewhat popular in the New World from the mid-17th Century, it wasn’t until the Boston Tea Party of 1773 that coffee truly made its mark. You could say the US was a little late to the party. Well, the colonists had to drink something. It goes without saying, tea was off the menu…

We’ve gone a long way since. Launched in 2018, Trade Coffee unites the nation’s top roasters directly with drinkers, offering over 400 roasted-to-order coffees. Their team works with the best roasters in the country to offer a curated selection of the best coffee beans. You just need to answer a few simple questions to get started and they’ll hand-pick the best options for you. 

Freshly roasted bags will then arrive at your door from the top roasters in the US, while supporting small businesses and ethical sourcing at the same time. What more could we ask for?

P.S. If you want something more traditional and consistent every week, you can always count on Folgers Classic Roast, the archetypal American cuppa ‘joe’. With packaging reminiscent of the 50’s boomer years, Folgers offer a truly American, straight-to-the-point coffee experience. No frills, just 100% medium-roasted ground coffee, suitable for all coffee makers.

Beans: Arabica coffee beans
Origin: Depending on the collection: Brazil, Burundi, China, Colombia, Congo
Type: Depending on the collection: Blend, single origin, decaf, espresso, cold brew
Coffee roast level: Depending on the collection: Light, medium and dark roasted
Recommended brew styles: Drip machines, espresso maker, French press, pour over

Mayorga Organics: Best coffee beans for cold brew

best coffee beans brands mayorga organics review - Luxe Digital

A sweltering Summer morning calls for an ice cold cup of coffee. Our go-to for the best coffee for cold brew? Mayorga Organics. Established in 1997, the gourmet coffee brand is slow-roasted to bring out bold flavors with a long-lasting finish. And responsibly sourced and certified organic, the sustainably coffee brand is 100% traceable from farm to retail. 

Mayorga’s Cafe Cubano Roast is full-bodied with notes of vanilla and syrupy smokiness. It is perfectly balanced by a smooth, bold finish, creating an unparalleled cold brew. For the best cup, we recommend using a French press. Don’t know how to use a French press? Simply add the ground coffee and cold water and leave it in your fridge to brew overnight. 

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Perú Amazonas, Honduras Capucas and Nicaragua Río Coco
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Dark Roasted
Recommended brew styles: French press, drip machine and cold brew

Volcanica Coffee: Best Mexican coffee beans

best coffee beans brands arabica volcanica review - Luxe Digital

Mexican coffee beans are light and delicate with a slightly nutty flavor. They create an irresistibly smooth cup of coffee. And comparable to excellent white wine, they are often fresh and fruity with a subtle acidic edge. The best Mexican coffees are unrivaled in sweetness and complexity. But just because it says “Mexican” on the packet, doesn’t mean it has that Aztec touch. Enter: Volcanica Coffee—a coffee brand that truly encapsulates the essence of Mexican coffee. 

Dark Roasted and decadent, Volcanica’s Mexican bean explores flavors of maple syrup and roasted hazelnuts. As one of the best coffees on Amazon, it tastes as good as the most expensive coffees in the world, but it is a lot more affordable.

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Mexico
Type: Single origin
Coffee roast level: Medium roasted
Recommended brew styles: Pour over

Sea Island: Best Hawaiian coffee brand

best coffee beans brands hawaiian sea island - Luxe Digital

Aloha! Did you know Hawaii is the only US state which grows coffee commercially? The volcanic soil is jam-packed with minerals, making it an ideal environment for coffee trees to grow and prosper. Hawaiian coffee tends to be milder in taste and acidity, due to its lower altitude farms. 

So if you prefer a more gentle flavor, Sea Island’s Greenwell Estate Kona coffee beans could be ideal. Kona is a region of Hawaii which is particularly revered for its coffee. The Greenwell Estate coffee is grown on 60 hectares at 335m above sea level, with the fortuitous micro-climate resulting in a tangy citrus flavor with milk chocolate undertones.

Kona coffee is not typically sold in your average coffee shop—the farmers tend to sell their wares to tourists visiting the island and of course, online.

Due to its single-origin, small-scale production, and depth of flavor, we’ve rated Sea Island as the best Hawaiian coffee brand, bringing you an authentic taste of the Pacific.

Beans: Exotic single-origin coffee beans, peaberry and geisha
Origin: Kona region, Hawaii
Type: Single origin
Coffee roast level: Medium roasted
Recommended brew styles: Drip method

Lavazza: Best Italian coffee brand

best coffee beans brands italian lavazza - Luxe Digital

You can’t turn a corner in Italy without seeing the recognizable Lavazza logo splashed across cafe windows, or adorning the cups of enthusiastic coffee drinkers. Born in a nation where busy cafes whose tables and chairs spill onto the pavements are heavily frequented, Lavazza are true connoisseurs of coffee.

With coffee expertise dating back over 120 years, Lavazza has refined their art. The Lavazza Qualita Rossa— a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans (more about that later) is a great, versatile choice of bean which can be used in all coffee makers.

You can’t really go wrong with Italian coffee, and Lavazza is one of the best brands the country has to offer. Promising an aromatic, well-rounded flavor and hints of chocolate and dried fruit, the Qualita Rossa blend could be your new favorite wake-up call.

Sold as a whole bean (which of course requires grinding at home) we’ve rated the Lavazza Qualita Rossa as the best Italian coffee brand of the year.

Beans: Robusta and Arabica beans
Origin: Central and South America
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Medium roasted
Recommended brew styles: Espresso machine, drip coffee maker, French press, moka pot, or pour-over

Don Francisco’s: Best-flavoured coffee brand

best coffee beans brands flavoured don francisco - Luxe Digital

From 150 years of family coffee farming in Cuba to founding a coffee roastery in Los Angeles, Don Francisco’s passion for coffee is long-standing. Don Francisco himself worked for the Federal Reserve Bank before returning to Cuba, where he became heavily involved with the family business of coffee production. 

Surviving the business through the Great Depression, his fastidious nature and penchant for perseverance earned him the sobriquet of ‘the fussiest man in coffee’. That’s the kind of moniker you want from your coffee roaster! Just as long as you’re not one of his baristas, presumably. A tough guy to please, it seems.

Aside from growing and producing A-grade coffee, Don Francisco has a fine selection of flavored coffees, too. The Caramel Creme blend made from 100% Arabica is a favorite, although you’re spoiled for choice with combinations like Butterscotch Toffee and Vanilla Nut, to name a few.

The family business has a zero-waste policy at its Los Angeles facility and maintains a high sustainability ethos, making it a real Earth-friendly brand.

The tempting variety of complementary flavors, along with their company ethos results in our rating of Don Francisco as the best-flavored coffee beans on the market.

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Cuba
Type: Single origin
Coffee roast level: Medium roasted
Recommended brew styles: Drip machine, pour-over, or French press

Caribou Coffee: Best light roast coffee brand

best coffee beans brands light roast caribou - Luxe Digital

Contrary to popular belief, light-roasted coffee actually has a higher caffeine content than dark-roasted coffee. Furthermore, the longer the coffee bean is roasted, the more it loses its original flavors and begins to take on the flavors from the roasting process.

So, through the light-roasting process, the Daybreak Blend from Caribou Coffee retains the caramel and cherry-floral flavors inherent in the coffee beans. The 100% Arabica beans are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, too. 

The Daybreak Blend is truly multicultural, sourcing the best coffee beans from the Americas and East Africa to deliver absolute finesse.

The versatile whole bean requires home grinding, with the grind dependent on your preferred method. However, lighter roasts usually produce the best results when paired with a cafetiere or drip coffee maker.

Possessing a genuine passion for coffee, intertwined with expert roasting methods, we’ve rated Presto as the best light roast coffee brand.

Beans: Arabica beans
Origin: Americas and East Africa
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Light Roast
Recommended brew styles: French press

Nescafé Azera Intenso: Best instant coffee brand

best coffee beans brands nescafe azera intenso instant - Luxe Digital

Ah, Nescafé. Far from their standard freeze-dried instant coffee found perched on the kitchen counters of 99%* of homes across the globe, the Azera Intenso is in a different league.

A combination of Nescafé granulated coffee and finely ground coffee beans, the Azera Americano is a minimalist dream. All you need is a kettle. Seriously. Upon pouring the hot water into your mug, you’ll find an agreeably golden crema begin to form on top of your coffee. Add milk. Or don’t.

Medium roasted and with a fruity, rich flavor profile, this back-to-basics approach could be a winner for unwavering fans of instant coffee. It’s also one of the best tasting coffees out there. No joke.

The crema really is the deal-breaker here, plus the simplicity of preparation and quality of flavor. Thus, Nescafé Azera Intenso has cemented its position as the best instant coffee brand available.

*An educated guess. Prove us wrong.

Beans: Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Vietnam and Indonesia
Type: Blend
Coffee roast level: Medium roasted
Recommended brew styles: Pour over

Coffee buying guide: how to choose a great coffee

If you’re new to the world of coffee, choosing the right bean can seem like a daunting task. Look at it like this: you might have the best coffee maker in the world. But, it’s only as good as the beans you put through it.

Firstly, there is one factor that remains consistent:

Freshness: fresh is best. Always. Look for roasteries who roast-to-order. If not, select a brand which promises to roast regularly.

While sealed bags will last a few months, they will degrade in flavor as time goes on.

It may be tempting to freeze your beans. This is coffee treason. Do. Not. Freeze. Ever.

Okay, glad we’ve got that one cleared up.

Now, you may concern yourself with the details. These vary depending on your individual tastes and preferred brewing method.

The coffee belt: the best coffee-growing regions

Familiarise yourself with ‘the coffee belt’. This is a linear area of the globe whereby the conditions are optimal for growing coffee. Due to variations in climate, altitude, and even economy, ‘coffee belt’ countries will, of course, vary in their flavor and intensity output.

To make it a little easier for you, here are some of the most popular flavor profiles:

Kenya – berries, lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit, with citrusy afternotes.

Ethiopia – blueberries, strawberries, floral, and jasmine.

Rwanda – orange blossom and lemon, caramelized sugar, and dates.

Costa Rica – brown sugar, apricot, and tropical fruits. Often with a dark chocolate aftertaste.

Mexico – chocolate and hazelnut, resulting in a praline-like aroma.

Guatemala – mild chocolate, toffee, and nutty. Sometimes with tropical fruit undertones.

Colombia – sweet nut and bittersweet chocolate.

Coffee bean brands - Luxe Digital

The perfect grind to match your favorite brewing method

Once you’ve established your preferred flavors (and it’s great to experiment!), it’s time to choose the best grind for your brewing method. 

You can always find the grind type on the label of any ground coffee. Whole beans will require home-grinding.

Drip coffee – medium ground. The prolonged extraction time of drip coffee makers requires a coarser grind. Too fine a grind, and the coffee risks being over-extracted, resulting in a bitter, unpleasant taste.

Pour-over coffee – medium/fine. The grind should be about as fine as sand, but slightly coarser than an espresso grind. The brewing time for pour-over coffee is typically 2-3 minutes, and with a medium-fine grind, you should achieve a pleasant, balanced cup.

Grind and brew – fine. But not too fine. The high-pressure mechanism means the extraction time of the coffee is rapid. 

If the grind is too fine, the water will struggle to penetrate the tightly-packed coffee grounds. Too coarse, and the water will gush through without properly extracting. The result is weak, watery coffee. Not what we want.

French press – coarse. Since typical brewing time is 4 minutes (varying slightly depending on the blend, and of course personal preference), a coarse grind is ideal. A finer grind would risk pushing through or getting stuck in the filter. No one likes a grainy coffee.

Chemex – medium/coarse. However, if the coffee is too coarse, the water will pass too quickly, weakening those delicious flavors and generally making for a diluted cup.

Best coffee brands - Luxe Digital

Beans variety: the difference between Arabica and Robusta

You will likely have come across labels such as ‘100% Arabica’ or ‘Arabica and Robusta blend’. It all sounds good, for sure. But what does it all mean?

While there are over 100 different species of coffee (ten bucks says you didn’t know that)- there are just two that dominate the coffee industry. You guessed it: Arabica and Robusta. 

Arabica beans

Arabica is the most common, accounting for 75% of our coffee consumption. Surprisingly, this is not due to ease of cultivation. Arabica beans are actually harder to grow than Robusta.

They are grown at a higher altitude and tend to be more susceptible to pests. Both of these factors contribute to more difficulty in both maintaining and harvesting the trees.

The icing on the cake is this: they also produce a lower yield.

However, that being said, Arabica beans have a smoother, more palatable flavor, noticeably superior to the more bitter Robusta bean.

Robusta beans

Despite being easier to cultivate than Arabica beans (Robusta beans grow at lower altitudes and require less maintenance), they are still something of an underdog in the coffee world.

They have a rough, bitter flavor which makes them considerably less popular. Hence you will often see ‘100% Arabica’ flashing on labels.

Robusta beans are cheaper to buy and are generally used in instant coffees due to their higher caffeine content. Robusta beans typically have 83% more caffeine than Arabica beans, and also more antioxidants than their sought-after cousin.

It can be reasonably deduced, then, that taste is truly the overriding factor above all else when it comes to coffee! Long live the Arabica bean, but remember Robusta has its place too.

Best coffee beans brands - Luxe Digital

Roasting grade and degree explained

Weak (the lightest or Scandinavian) roasting: a method favored mostly in Scandinavia, but much like ‘hygge’, is now reaching further around the world. 

This method relies on the intrinsic flavor of the raw green coffee bean as opposed to using heavy roasting to draw out deeper flavors. 

The result illuminates fruity, citrus flavors which are usually obscured by roasting. 

Remember, light roasts tend to hold more caffeine than their darker counterparts.

Medium roast: medium roasting is a very commonplace and much-liked level of roasting. 

The coffee bean possesses more ‘body’ and a more balanced, richer flavor than the lighter roasts. It also contains less caffeine.

Medium-dark roast: the medium-dark roast is when we start to achieve a fuller, aromatic taste than the lighter roasts.

At this point, the bean begins to excrete oils, and the roasting flavors become more apparent.

Dark roast: you may be familiar with French, Italian, or Espresso roasts. These are characterized by dark roasting, whereby the roasting process almost entirely takes precedence over any original flavors.

Consequently, the taste is smoky, burnt (in a good way), and bitter (also in a good way— if you’re into it). 

As we’ve said, the darker the roast, the lesser the caffeine content. Don’t be fooled- stronger flavor does not always equate to more caffeine.

Coffee beans terminology

Flavoured – The ‘flavor’ in coffee refers to the endemic characteristics of the coffee bean. These are altered by the roasting process to varying degrees.

Organic – Cultivated without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or other artificial chemicals.

Origin – Where the coffee bean was grown. Single-origin means the coffee bean has come from one country or area. It sometimes refers to a particular estate or hectare.

Acidity* – In coffee terms, acidity denotes a particular flavor palate— usually consisting of a pleasant tartness and sweet taste.

*Not to be confused with pH level— coffee is mostly of a lower acid content than other popular drinks. Low-acid coffee has been specifically engineered to be lower still to reduce acid reflux and heartburn in sensitive consumers.

Caffeine – The chemical found in coffee that acts as a stimulant on the nervous system, making you feel increased alertness and decreased tiredness.

Our favorite coffee beans

best coffee beans brand atlas coffee club - Luxe Digital

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Atlas Coffee Club

For delicious coffee, you’ll need high-quality coffee beans. We recommend Atlas Coffee Club for its premium selection of single-origin equitably-sourced coffee. Select your bean type (ground, whole, or pods) and roast preference, and they’ll ship directly to your door.

Check our hands-on Atlas Coffee Club review to learn more about the brand.

Frequently asked questions about coffee

What is the best-tasting coffee brand?

We’ve rated Stone Street to be the best-tasting coffee brand on the market this year. The elusive peaberry beans in their Tanzania Peaberry ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’ blend provide intricate flavors, resulting in a complex palate.

What is the best coffee?

Depending on your tastes, we’ve rated and reviewed 15 of the best coffee brands on the market. From single-origin Mexican coffee beans to good, dependable instant, we’ve got it covered.

What are the two most popular coffee beans?

Arabica beans and Robusta beans are the two most popular types of coffee beans. Arabica beans contain less caffeine and are smoother and sweeter. Robusta beans, on the other hand, contain more caffeine and are stronger and more bitter. Robusta coffee is more of an acquired taste, but it is also richer in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid and can have greater health benefits.

What is the smoothest coffee bean?

Arabica beans are the smoothest coffee bean. Used by most gourmet coffee brands, they come from the Coffea Arabica plant. They contain less caffeine than Robusta beans. And as a result, they are a lot smoother and sweeter, with hints of chocolate, fruits, and berries.