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Cooking lamb is a fantastic way to feed a crowd at Easter — and our tried-and-trusted recipes will show you how to do it right. The flavour-packed meat is a great vehicle for all sorts of combinations, from sweet to savoury.

Lamb will be readily available at this time of year, but do think about choosing hogget or mutton — this meat is from sheep over a year old, which are likely to have been born naturally in spring the year before. Hogget and mutton have more fat and marbling, giving it a beautiful, deep flavour and melt-in-the-mouth meat. 

Once you’ve decided on the best cut of meat, we’ve got you covered with our tasty Easter lamb recipes

Take your lamb to the next level with this fragrant dish. Beautifully blushing lamb, soft aubergines, feta sauce, pickled chillies and warm flatbreads are all cooked in just one tray, meaning minimal washing up and fuss, making this a proper treat.

The method of boning, stuffing and rolling the lamb stretches your meat further, plus it helps the delicious fennel & sage filling infuse the meat. It also makes it super easy to carve. Serve it with a homemade Green sauce and it’ll blow your mind!

It’s amazing how much flavour you’ll get from just 5 ingredients. Soft lamb shoulder is paired beautifully with rich tomatoes and juicy chickpeas, while the zing of preserved lemon takes things up a notch. Serve with some crusty bread for mopping up the sauce.

Looking for an epic meal? Our crusted lamb rack could be just the ticket. The tasty combo of sweet rhubarb and the gorgeous topping of mixed herbs, flaked almonds and golden breadcrumbs makes this lamb rack a thing of beauty. The perfect roast, but not as you know it!

Let the oven work its magic and slow-cook the lamb to give you tender meat that’s falling off the bone and a lovely sticky finish from the balsamic. Serve with the easiest mint gravy, and mash and steamed greens if you like, for a brilliant family lunch.

This is a fantastic way to cook lamb — splitting the joint and ‘unrolling’ it means the meat has a uniform thickness, ensuring it cooks evenly and quickly. The Mexican-style marinade of peppercorns, smoky paprika and fennel gives it a real kick. Simply serve with a crisp salad and creamy harissa yoghurt for a surefire winner.

An amazingly flavoursome dinner, rehydrating dried chillies in apple juice with raisins releases their heat and gives them a sticky sweetness that pairs really well with the lamb. Great with mash, steamed green, flatbreads or whatever you fancy.

Griddling these spiced lamb chops brings out the sweetness of the meat, making them proper crowd-pleasers. Throw in the fact they’re quick and easy to make and this is a recipe you’ll come back to time and again. Delicious with harissa-spiked houmous and zesty coleslaw.

Make this your go-to roast lamb recipe for days when you want a classic Sunday roast with minimal fuss and maximum flavour. Preparing, roasting and resting the lamb this way gives you properly juicy meat, while old-school rosemary and garlic will guarantee that it’s a real crowd-pleaser. 

Barbecued lamb like this is a total treat – it looks impressive on the coals, and gives you smoky meat, while the fragrant marinade ensures an amazing flavour. By starting off the meat in the oven, you’ll have peace of mind that it’s perfectly cooked. So good with the minty lemon yoghurt and a fresh green salad.

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