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Batman is about to return but filming is already the most spied on in Hollywood! The release of the new The Batman is scheduled for 2022, the film directed by Matt Reeves about the superhero Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. To play the role of one of the superheroes most loved by men, but above all women, all over the world will be Robert Pattinson in an unprecedented and new role to the actor. The most desired vampire will play Bruce Wayne, during his second year as a vigilante in the fight against corruption in Gotham City. Filming, which began in January 2020 in London, but suddenly stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resumed last September 17, 2020 and rumors are already skyrocketing. About who? In addition to the handsome Pattinson, of course, the media buzz of recent weeks mainly revolves around the interpreter of Batman’s historic opponent, Catwoman.

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@zoeisabellakravitz was spotted on “The Batman” set for the first time as Catwoman/Selina Kyle. She was working alongside John Turturro, who plays Carmine Falcone. Robert Pattinson was also filming! Tap this pic in the LINK IN BIO for all the photos from today! #ZoeKravitz #RobertPattinson Photos: Splash News/Getty

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To interpret the character of Catwoman will be Zoe Isabella Kravitz, daughter of the singer Lenny as well as an icon of contemporary style. But who is Catwoman? Known as the quintessential antiheroine-heroine, Catwoman’s real name is Selina Kyle. Dedicated to theft and originally created as an opponent of Batman, Catwoman has acquired over the years characteristics of kindness and solidarity that have made her loved among fans of DC Comics superheroes. The idea behind the introduction of the character of Catwoman was to place a female enemy alongside Batman with whom the hero could have a possible love relationship. Selina Kyle is a woman who has escaped from the orphanage, forced to steal to survive and to devise ways to obtain wealth in the shortest possible time. The character, mysterious, seductive and legendary, wears the iconic cat disguise as an ode to the shrewdness and combativeness with which she faces her enemies. Movement coordination, agility and balance are her main physical characteristics that have always allowed her to lead a fight on an equal footing with the bad guys of DC. But who are the actresses who played Catwoman before Zoe Kravitz?

Michelle Pfeiffer

She played Catwoman in 1992 in Batman Returns

Halle Berry
She played the heroine in the 2004 film to her dedicated “Catwoman”

Anne Hathaway
She is the Catwoman from 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises

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